How to kill the iPhone

With companies scrambling to release competitors, Philip Berne thinks about what it would take to keep him from lining up at the big glass cube at the end of the month.
Philip Berne of InfoSync World says: "Forget about naysayers who are already complaining about the iPhone's battery life and listing all the ways the iPhone will fail. We've seen the commercials, the short videos, the spec sheets, and we're convinced that this will be a phone worthy of a long, hard look. Still, with everything we know about the iPhone, there may be some chinks in the armor. Here are some possible devices that could come along and steal the iPhone's thunder."

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MK_Red4741d ago

While all those products are nice, iPhones biggest enemy is its price. Also something called The Touch with Microsoft involved.

Xi4741d ago

it's biggest competitor is. the pearl, and the ipod. If i have a cell phone and an Ipod why do I need an iphone?

Whoooop4741d ago

If you can have both in one. why would you want an ipod AND a phone?..

It just depends on the consumer. What you think is a logic solution, may not be the logic one to another.

and I'm pretty sure the iphone will have some features that any cell phone combined with ipod won't have..

still if it's just another cell phone with eye candy and fancy features, it looks good and advanced as hell.

I'm basing my opinion on the ads on tv. I'll have to try it to give my full opinion..

Xi4741d ago

because I already have both, and it doesn't cost another 600 bucks.

Most people are happy with having the two separate, not to mention most phones also play music, and most business people are content with a nice blackberry.

Kaneda4741d ago

"Most people are happy with having the two separate, not to mention most phones also play music, and most business people are content with a nice blackberry."

Wow! I don't know anyone that want to carry two things, when u can carry one... If you can't afford it, then you have no choice to carry two. Most phones have crappy sound quality!

iphone is user friendly...and ton of features... mobile OS X... multi touch screen...mp3/video player... motion sensor... wifi... developers can dev software for it....

Whoooop4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Exactly what I'm trying to say.. It's obvious that you have both..

But I'm sure there are a lot of people who don't have both and there are some who are willing to sell their IPOD and throw away their old cell phones so they can buy the iphone.. also there are people who are going to buy it cause it's new and innovative, even having already the most expensive ipod and a good cell phone..

Like Kaneda said, Why would you want to carry two things when you can get both in one.. If money is the object well that's a good reason not to buy it, but just the plain reason that if you have both already why buy the iphone, is a bit lame..

PS: Hey KANEDA, loved AKIRA even tho i had to watch it about 10 times when I was like 13 to understand it.. I loved it :)

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BranWheatKillah4741d ago

What the hell is the draw to an iPhone in the first place? Peopel complained that the PS3 was $600 yet the iPhone, at the same price, is being praised as some sort of miracle machine.

I don't understand it and I don't see it being popular.

Lord Anubis4741d ago

Apple has a huge following.

cool factor

codeazrael4741d ago

I have a blackberry, a zune and an ipod, and all of them will be replaced by the iphone when it launches day one. Now me knowing better will be getting the phone, so do you really think paris hilton types of the world are going to change their mind about getting the phone? I don't think so. It's the cool factor, man. Look at the sidekick. When it launched it was like 3 or 400 bucks and it still sold like crazy.

MK_Red4741d ago

Apple iPhone has iPod fans behind it and thats huge... but I still think the price is too high.