Ubisoft Talks Splinter Cell Natal

TVG asks whether the Game Director behind Splinter Cell: Convicition would like to see Sam Fisher on Natal.

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mjolliffe4842d ago

I'm not sure just how it would all fit in. I think Sam Fisher goes well with a controller. Let Natal developers make the Natal FPS'

Saaking4842d ago (Edited 4842d ago )

I'll just stick to the 360 gamepad. IF devs actually do something interesting with Natal, and the price is not outrageous I might consider checking it out.

green4842d ago (Edited 4842d ago )

Do you ever sleep? Do you go out, have a job or interect with anything that has human flesh? There is no way that 30 comments in 18 hours, 1 made almost every hour can be healthy for you. What time do you even play all those fantastic PS3 exclusives you love so much?Dude take a break from N4G, it will do you a lot of good.

Back to the topic: 2010 will be an interesting year because we will actually see if the devs can deliver in creating an experience with Natal that can immerse a player more into the role that the devs create.

4842d ago
Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4842d ago (Edited 4842d ago )

I like that Saaking posts so much.

It's part of the "N4G" charm, in my opinion.

Xeoset4842d ago

Natal has more to it than just waving your body parts.

You can combine the controller with functions of the camera to create a more immersive environment without moving too far from traditional gameplay.

Even the Wii can do it with its Wiimote. Resi 4 being a great, great example.

I love ignorant Natal doomsayers.

sikbeta4842d ago

Stealth + Natal = HOW?

Xeoset4842d ago

Sikbeta. Just leave N4g. kthxbai.

Anyone with a little imagination can see how Natal can be implemented into games like these. As I said before, there's a lot of different ways Natal can be incorporated without making the gamepad redundant.

sikbeta4842d ago (Edited 4842d ago )


Like tilt for move back and forth, if you wanna look like a dµmb you don't need Natal

If you can do all of this stuff with Natal, I'll leave N4G:

johnnywit4842d ago

Everyone always says they don't know how a FPS or a game like splinter cell would work with out a controller but can't you use natal with a controller? I don't know a lot about natal but from what I read It seems it would be pretty useful with assisting games that we already play. Imagine looking around with your head to aim or when you are up against a wall slightly leaning left or right to peek around a corner. I think little things like this with the use of a controller would improve gaming but like I said I don't know if it can do all these things, I only know from what I have read. We will have to wait and see I suppose.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4842d ago

Correct, and the face and voice recognition could be AWESOME if used in the right ways.

Microsoft appears to be throwing a massive amount of resources into Natal, so I really think we are going to see great things with it.

The people who are claiming it will be no different than the Wii are really only kidding themselves at this point.

Xeoset4842d ago

Sikbeta. Get off social networking spaces. Learn something... like spelling.

What the hell are you on about?

Natal uses: Bourne conspiracy like menus, akin to how the Xbox 360 dashboard will eventually be like. Optic fibre gameplay; place the controller in your lap and then feed the wire yourself, which can be optional. Etc.

Natal is highly usable and adds creative gameplay thanks to 3D space orientation. The only other system that comes close is potentially the PS3 wand... but you would have to feed the remote as that's the only part that follows movement on a z-axis. Therefore, Natal is something gamers should be looking forward to, not knocking.

Saaking4842d ago

Why do people seem to think comments takes a long time to write? A normal comment takes me maybe 10-15 seconds to write. 30 * 15sec= 8 minutes. I spend around 8 minutes of my day commenting. WOW, and that means I spend "all day" here?

Kevin ButIer4842d ago

What? What? is this 1992?

LinuxGuru4842d ago

30 comments in 18 hours? That's nothing....I can lazily pull of twice as many in half that time if I had nothing to do most of the day.

Minimox164842d ago

What wrong with you??? i think the most no life here its you!??,
i mean you seek saaking post to comment and also track how many post saaking do per day!are you stalking him?? or you are her girlfriend??? damn!

On topic:

I stick with the control, useless the implement very good..

LinuxGuru4842d ago

@ minimox

lol studying English? =P

Insomnia_844842d ago

No controllers AT ALL!! I can't wait to make a 15 Hit Combo in the next Mortal Kombat using Natal o.0


rockleex4842d ago

Just turning around and lifting your leg will cause the Avatar to do a Demon Rage!!

Bigpappy4842d ago

We are on different sides of most arguments, but I do respect what he has to say more than most of you on this site. And he does bring some life to the site. He likes to state his opinion as I do and all of you do. I hope he is not being put off by comment from some of you who are on just as much and are first to criticize. What he chooses to do with his time is none of your bee's wax.

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TheHardware4842d ago

Not everything is made for natal... most of these crossovers may result in quickly thrown together poor renditions of some of our favorite titles.

Antan4842d ago

Thats the worry i think. Games need to be made with Natal in mind rather than some tacked on effort. If MS can have 5 or 6 titles for release, made specifically for Natal, i think it will help get the message across...........Some games clearly wont work no matter how you incorporate. Still, exciting times non the less.

ape0074842d ago

not interested about natal


mjolliffe4842d ago

I'm interested in it. But for different genre's maybe.

ape0074842d ago

still have to try it myself and see how it goes with the flow of a hardrcore gamer

will it be just a useless addition,like the sixaxis,look at gta 4,one time using it and then it's over

I got a feeling that we'll do it for sometimes unlocking some keylocks and then turn it off for good

time will tell,I could be wrong,the ape is in a "rant" mode

ape0074842d ago (Edited 4842d ago )

let's say I play forza 3 with my hands,the distance between my hands CAN CHANGE,the angle CAN CHANGE,the order can change,how can you pause?,if your cell phone ring,you wanna scratch your back??,how to do it??,pull my hand and BOOOM your car crash???

it's either a cheat win or a glitch,cause the closer the distance between your hands the more the car can steer

the same can go with a ball,handball or soccer ball,how the hell can I locate the ball im going to KICK???,kick the air??

punch the air,well punching air hard can cause pain

how can you splash water with your hand,you don't know the magnitude,the direction etc...

I guess natal gonna have some small uses,like recording an avatar animation so that everyone can see it,animation+motto=coool

you got me guys???

4842d ago
ryuzu4842d ago

Hold your arms out in front of you as if you were holding an imaginary steering wheel (like we've been told for Natal).

OK, start the timer! (don't move your arms while doing it!).

As a guide, a race will take what - 10 mins of doing this? A new game will be several hours of doing this on day one...

Personally, I think we're gonna see a lot of people not using this or a new human sub-species with massively developed arms while the rest of the body is emaciated!

However, I guess to augment parts of "normal" pad controlled games it'll be ok. So with SC you'll move around with the controller as normal and if you like you can do some move for Natal to interpret - just like sixaxis is now - the functions of the sixaxis can often be replicated through other control inputs.


rockleex4842d ago (Edited 4842d ago )

Natal will NOT be successfully implemented with our favorite genres.

Natal with Burnout was hectic enough, and its only an arcade racer. You couldn't slightly step on the gas or break. If you move your feet forward, then it counts as gassing all the way. If you move it backwards, then it counts as breaking all the way.

Honestly, if you've seen the live demonstrations of Natal, its amazing how inaccurate that thing is.

At best, Natal will be used for new genres or genres that don't require extra precise controls... like the Milo game for example.

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gamingisnotacrime4842d ago

and if it works great who knows how awesome it could be. or it could just flop and nobody would care, but i prefer to expect great things out of developers, except IW of course

Shendow4842d ago

Just don't done it.

Sorry but Natal is being milk to much for things that it most likely won't work well until the 10th update, I think Microsoft should just use it on some simple games and wait until they are fully ready.

"DAMN -_- my cat walk by me and now the bad guys know I am here", yeah I don't see it working right and even working with a controller, what is the point of using Natal then?

lowcarb4842d ago

My cat lol. good stuff

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