Podcast: Kombo Breaker - Episode 55: Microsoft: Year in Review/Looking Ahead With Team XBox's Brent Soboleski

Kombo: Alright folks, strap in for week two of our console rundown as we lok at the best and worst Microsoft had to offer in 2009.

Brad, Matt and Dan are joined by Brent Soboleski of TeamXbox to talk all the highs and lows of this year, as well as gushing about what we're looking forward to for next year.

Does the panel think Natal has what it takes to revolutionize gaming? Has Tim Schaefer officially lost his mind? Will BioShock 2 be a blockbuster or a flop? Did the Rogue Warrior show up at some point and kill everyone without leaving behind a trace of evidence? You're going to have to listen to find out!

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