Sony to Still Support the PlayStation 2

Examiner: It's good to know that Sony still cares about the PlayStation 2, or I guess at least that they know they can still make money off of it.

SCEA's head of PlayStation marketing John Koller told GamePro in a recent interview "We have a very firm stance – we're going to continue to support the PS2 wholeheartedly." With a lot of multi-platform titles still getting releases on the PS2 and also exclusives like Persona 4 still making money for the console it's great that they will continue to support the system in 2010.

Being a fan of the Persona series I was happy to see a release of part 4 here last year. So hopefully we will continue to see more great titles in the next year.

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saint_john_paul_ii3225d ago

why do people want sony to stop supporting the PS2? so that they can break their promise? they promised that the system can withstand itself for 10 years of its lifetime. Lets keep it that way. it only has been 9 years since the launch of the PS2 and it has over 2,000 titles to choose from.

THE MAX SPEED 213224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Nobody asked sony to stop supporting the PS2. If there's any article or demands that says so please post it for me. On Topic: Sony wont stop supporting the PS2 anything soon as it still selling very strong in japan and around the world which is very good for an old console that been on the market for a decade. I still play mines very often and still buy games from time to time.I recently got bought Full metal alchemist 1 & 2. My PS2 is also chipped and I have many japanese games I still enjoy playing. I look foward to any new RPG titles for the console.

Traveler3224d ago

Sony have done a tremendous job supporting the PS2 and that has allowed it to remain relevant even in today's market. Great job Sony.

Saaking3224d ago

The PS2 is the greatest console ever made (of course, that's my opinion. Some would say it's the SNES, or N64 etc). Sony will keep supporting it as long as it sells.

kaveti66163224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

They are not going to stop supporting PS2 because they make profit on every unit so it helps offset the losses from the PS3.

And it sells very well and has an excellent library of games. I think if the PS2 started being a financial burden on Sony, of course they would have little choice but to stop supporting it. And I wouldn't say that Sony is fully supporting it, either. Sony is fully focused on PS3 and PSP as of this moment.

zeeshan3224d ago

Does anyone here have an idea how much making a PS2 costs Sony? I am guessing $30 or $40? Could be more but one thing is for sure, it's making them a lot of money cuz it is still going strong and most importantly making profit!

sikbeta3224d ago

PS2 is HUGE even in this HD ERA

The only thing important to me, is when Sony drop support of PS2 some day in the Future, the implementation of PS2 games through PSN will be Fast, even if I prefer Remastered games with Updated Graphics and Trophies

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NotSoSilentBob3225d ago

Can't say that about any other Console? That is staying Power. I think this will make the PS2 the longest supported game console?

THE MAX SPEED 213224d ago

Pretty much yeah. dreamcast still got a few games coming out but still..

Xi3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

the gamecube has been doing well with it's motion controller attachment!



Traveler3224d ago

Xi, that was funny. ;) Bubbles.

Shadow Man3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Is making Microsoft and us Bots look bad in Japan.
Damn it!!! Stop it already Sony!!!!!

Sigh3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

that some countries had just recently been introduced to the PS2 console. I think it was some third world countries, can't seem to remember. Someone who knows of this just correct me.

But yeah if anything as to why Sony keeps supporting PS2, those may be one of the primary reasons to keep it alive, along with others who complain of no BC.

spunnups3224d ago

One of my college friends had to go back to her native land, Kenya, in the middle of the semester. She told me she would be out of contact completely because they did not have the internet. Hard to believe in this day and age. I feel extremely lucky to be an American, I don't care what anyone says.

Persistantthug3224d ago

But who cares about game systems when you've got a whole bunch of Naked Brazilian women on the Beach all year round.


Gamer713224d ago

This may come as a shock to you, but they also don't have indoor plumbing, electricity, or any other modern conveniences in the greater part of Kenya.

spunnups3224d ago

Not shocking, but surprising none the less. It's hard to comprehend considering how universal the internet, electricty, television, etc are and that some places still can't afford those luxuries.

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spunnups3224d ago

Not many companies support a system nearly this long. I always shake my head when I read about anti-Sony/PS3 articles. Sony has always treated their customers pretty good in my book.

PS - I never knew about PS2's problems until I came here. I owned the fatty and the slim.

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