Playstation 3 accounts for more than 50% of XDR memory shipments

Based on current estimates that Sony has sold about 3.3 million PS3s to date and the fact that the console uses four 512 Mbit XDR devices suggests that more than 13 million XDR units have made their way into this product. Samsung and Elpida are the main XDR memory suppliers for the PS3.

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Maddens Raiders4804d ago

from the sale of a single PS3. Think about what I'm saying. Everyone should own a PS3.

OC_MurphysLaw4804d ago

Really? Did you really just try and pull the "everyone" benefits card as a reason why to own the Playstation? Now that there is a classic example of "Sony Spin" if I have ever heard it. Fanboy or not...its a funny ass line to use and sincerely believe it.

Lucidmantra4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Actually Maddens...

Sony doesn't benefit from the sales of the PS3 console. They lose money. THIS IS NOT to start a flame war. It is just the nature of the console business. If I go and buy just a PS3 and no extra controllers or games or anything... I just costed Sony like $500 (estimated).

The same goes with Xbox360... But since I bought 3 extra controllers and 6 games on launch night MS turned a profit on me for buying the console.

When I bought my Wii, I just made Nintendo money because their hardware is sold with a very minor gain. The fact that I bought an extra Wiimote, and nunchuk was icing on the cake.

Maddens Raiders4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

btw...Lucid is that really you old friend (haven't seen that avatar in a while)? Thanks guys for giving me a chance to respond.

I'm going to tell you gentlemen why I said what I said. My friend Matt has cancer. Lymphatic in fact. I love him. He's a great guy, has a great girlfriend and loves to jam on his 360 until it crapped on him 6 months in (about a 2 weeks ago). He doesn't care ~ it bummed him out a little, but I told him to come on over. He's been coming over with the misses for the past couple of weeks just gaming it up and getting familiar with the PS3 until MS finishes repairing his 360.

It makes me feel so good to see him playing on the PS3, knowing that maybe, just maybe in the wildest world of maybe's - that the machine he's on might be wholly contributing to cure his ailment. If not his maybe someone else. A truck driver, a lawyer, a teacher, a Dad, a son or daughter. I don't know. It's just my way of viewing it. If you have a chance to contribute to the cure - do it. Anything helps not just [email protected] Anything. That's why I said what I said. It's an everyday struggle that to some of us is a reality ~ to deal with cancer. To think that a money losing machine can help fight against it - is almost too ironic. I think we should rally around SNE, and Honda, and Subaru, and Bill Gates, and other generous earth - friendly and human conscious companies when they do rare; selfless acts that make an absolute difference to mankind and our existence on this giant rock. Acts that not a single one of us N4G users could ever pull off unilaterally. I don't know why Sir Bill Gates and Melinda have contributed over two billion dollars to starving African children and other kids and families in impoverished nations and why they seem to care. I don't know why SNE has invested the time to even consider [email protected] something viable or at the very least something a bunch of "gamers" would be remotely interestes in checking out. As it turns out we all know, as memebers of N4G, what kind of impact the connected PS3's have had on the protein folding sims at Stanford U. We know what this could eventually lead to and become.

I don't know what compelled the owners / executives / heads of these companies to do what they did (in this manner) and why it continues. All I can do is judge their actions and act accordingly. Their actions speak loudly. I don't know about you - but I've invested quite heavily in MS products over my short existence on this earth and if it helped Bill G. and Melinda contribute to the aforementioned - then so be it. I don't think it's too much to ask to recognize SNE either and say that we should all own one of these machines to contribute. Is it wrong?

It's a one - time $600 investment in a machine that will continually do it's duty for [email protected] long after the purchase and it may even have some gaming titles coming out for it, which I've heard, look pretty promising. If Samsung and Elpida happen to benefit from this as well, then so be it. That's just more money for their retirements, kids college, the janitors, valets, everyone involved until the well runs dry.

These are two [MS / SNE] of the biggest most influential companies in the world. To say that they don't have an impact on pop-culture and mainstream is ludicrous. To discount the real beneficial aspects of a gaming machine, beyond what anyone else ever intended or imagined, simply due to a brandname is wrong. Do your part no matter what it is - however you feel fit. But we're all gamers here and the comment I made was relevant. Take from it what you will. Everyone should own a PS3. Keep gaming ALIVE.

P.S. - Lucid(360?) I understand exactly what you're talking about, but I wasn't referring to things in that way. It's a bigger picture my man. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean. =]

Khann4804d ago

So the Ps3 is using a product nobody else wants?

VirtualGamer4804d ago

Actually it was 5.5 million shipped at the end of March, so times four 512 Mbit XDR devices = 22 million. I would say the PS3 is accounting for almost all the XDR memory.

omansteveo4804d ago

Shipped and sold are different

Arkham4804d ago

So, you're saying that only those PS3s sold to customers contain XDR memory units, right?

The PS3s are shipped without them, and then through some miraculous voodoo the Cell processors create XDR chips at the sales counter?

Behold the parthenogenic power of the mighty Cell!

VirtualGamer4804d ago

Shipped units are completed, working units. Meaning all parts are paid for and assembled.

Diselage4804d ago

Why does this matter? So Sony is using memory that hasn't really found any where else to be used.

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