AnalogHype: Home Sodium Impressions

Okay now we all know that PlayStation home has been less than impressive throughout the years it has been available, from features being added then removed and then added yet again,on December 19, 2009 Sony added a new app called "SODIUM" inside of PlayStation Home and let me be the first to say this is a superb app/game

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3587d ago

1. Less than impressive?

Really? What other game console has a fully realized, free online social networking space. NONE.

2. 'throughout the years that it has been available'...HOME has been out for 1 year, not multiple.

3. Features added/removed/added. Have you seen the tag that says 'beta'...look up a definition.

FamilyGuy3586d ago

There were a lot of things offered that never/have yet to come to fruition in Home, things that could have changed everyone perception of its usefulness.

A big thing for me, when it was first announced, was having our own space where we could show or play media content for others/friends to enjoy. The ability to play music, videos and show photos (which was added but at a cost) were a big lure to this Home project yet most never came and only now are they even bringing it back up but with "premium feature" on their minds.

I think Home has a place for some people, game launching was/is a step in the right direction, but it's still missing things that real social networking site offer; User created content and in-depth personalization of ones "Space" being at the forefront of the list.

It's ok, it could be and should be better.

gaffyh3586d ago

I think this Sodium One thing is a great idea from Sony, it made me download and play Home again! The Salt Shooter is actually quite decent, the only thing I don't like is the fact that you go into the Sodium world, and then you have to go into separate games. It should have just been one open world.

zeeshan3586d ago

@n4gn4gn4gn4g: Great comment! :) Bubble up :)

I think I will have to check out this space!

sikbeta3586d ago

HOME is expanding constantly and It's just a beta, definitely is here to stay, if Sony keep adding more Games/mini-games on it, is going to have the Support of all the PS3 consumers

Gamers FTW!!!

FarEastOrient3585d ago

Why are so many people complaining about Home in Beta which means in development for the past 2 years + 1 (Fiscal Planning). Look at Gmail and FireFox during their first year, they were in development for a long time before they were completed and many of Google's projects are still in Beta status after years of development.

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Chicago85063587d ago

I've played that Sodium game, n it is sweet.

It's definately 1 ov my favorite games ta play on Home.
In time, I believe the ppl knocking Home will come around.

I've enjoyed Home since it launched. Don't know about anyone else, but I explore all ov my PS3's features...

rebirthofcaos3587d ago

i want to try it but a moron break into my house and stole my ps3 with at least 100g of data. ><

edwineverready3586d ago

a good insurance? and made a back-up on a external hard disk?

krouse933586d ago

Wow thats awful I'm sorry dude.

I hope you can get a replacement for free with insurance money and or find the thief and get your current one back.

Gamer713586d ago the guy who doesn't protect his home with adequate security, and gets victimized by a common thief.

Harlequiine3586d ago

How do you know that he doesn't have security for his home? For all we know, he has an alarm and guard dogs - my neighbours were in that exact situation. The thieves ran off before the cops arrived, along with a lot of jewelry. Don't be a jerk.

pixelsword3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

the 360 and Microsoft getting "robbed" of games and software is because they are morons?

Simply going Blu would've solved their problems... at least for now, which is at least four years running.

gamingisnotacrime3586d ago

someone stealing my gaming goodies, oh if only i catch the bastard!

Godmars2903586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Think if you contact Sony, get them to work with th cops, if it ever goes online they'll be able to locate it.

Your data will probably be long wiped, but at any DLC can be re-installed.

Hope you have your serial number.

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antt33586d ago

It's a good application, slightly reminiscent of Xi (or at least, that's my impression thus far).

TO be honest, I haven't completely grasped the new Home space. There are a number a mini games, new merchandise for purchase, plus free gear to win. You get "objectives" to require you to play the mini games in the home space, and they get you "sodium credits" that you can use to get stuff I guess.

It's definitely enjoyable, but also seems like it can become time consuming if you plan on completing all objectives.

Redempteur3586d ago

it is time consumming

it's technicly impressive.the graphics are ok ( consideirng home it's very good )

And there are plenty to do ...

it's something that is both impressive and needed for home ( we had nothig comparable since the end of xi )

for me it's already a success

mrv3213586d ago

It's very addictive... I just kept upgrading everything I just wanted to go back and own... you start off so weak then BAM... MK5 cannons.

proudly_X3586d ago

PlayStation home has been less than impressive throughout the years it has been available,
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -
This article fails and the poster is an idiot,
i thought Home was only 1 years old..
what a waste of bandwidth

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