Wiimote Rival Technology Expected to makes its way to PS3 and 360

In2Games is the company behind GameTrak, a new 3D motion sensing technology that is set to rival Nintendo's Wiimote, and has received a capital injection of £7.4 Million ($14.56m) from Ingenious Media for a significant equity stake.

The investment will primarily be used to bring to market "GameTrak" (Version 2 pictured), a new games controller system designed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles by In2Games. The funding will also be used to develop the company's software portfolio and help it to advance relationships with third party publishers.

GameTrak has been designed to offer a true motion capture gaming experience, accurately tracking the position and precise movements of up to four players. Any real-world action can reportedly be motion captured and put directly into a game.

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Systematrix4736d ago

I don't want to have to worry about how I hold the controller or maybe shifting my body one way by accident and throwing the game off. Besides, I sit in some unconventional ways on my couch sometimes. The controller may be behind my head or held sideways sometimes.

MK_Red4736d ago

Well it doesnt seem to have a chance of becoming mainstream and being used for most of next-gen games. However, if this succeeds, it will mo9stly help 360 since SIXAXIS will be rather uselss with such thing. Nintendo Wii wont be hurt if GameTrak succeeds because casual people are getting Wii mostly for its price and simple games like Wii Sports. Even if a game like Gears Of War had motion sensing controlls, most buyers who are casual would not go for 360. At least thats what I think.

drtysouf214736d ago

will probably be shown at E3......

ItsDubC4736d ago

The problem w/ new hardware peripherals is that if they're not part of the basic console hardware (like the Wiimote is), most games on that system will not make use of it and are therefore only useful w/ a few titles.

ITR4736d ago

Cue the PowerGlove commercial!

It works half assed..but it still looks kool and I love it.

gaffyh4736d ago

True, I don't see how this peripheral will be a success really, because it mainly depends on the games developers to use it, if they don't then this technology will be useless.

Honestly, I too prefer a normal controller, I can see how the Wiimote would be fun to use, but I have a feeling I would get bored of it very quickly. I already want to switch motion sensing off on my PS3 in the first place, when you're sitting down playing resistance you can't be bothered to shake the controller :D

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The story is too old to be commented.