Can the Church really sue Sony?

The Church of England has threatened to sue Sony after the Japanese company used Manchester Cathedral as the backdrop to the gunfight in the PlayStation 3 game Resistance:The Fall of Man.

It could have a case, lawyers say.

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VirtualGamer4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Of course lawyers would say they might have a case...lawyers get paid win, lose or draw.

nobizlikesnowbiz4733d ago

If it's possible, I don't see a reason why they wouldn't sue Sony. They'd be taking a shot at a large corporation that is already in a heap of lawsuits.

I mean isn't it the trendy thing to do? Sue someone, or some company for a pathetic reason?

Everyones just trying to make an easy buck. They will if Sony lets them. Surprising that 10% of the Church's followers income isn't enough to quench their thirsts for cash. We all know thats what churches are after. Probably the most profitable business in the world is religion.

warfed4733d ago

I believe porn is #1.... could be drugs though...

iballa4733d ago

The Church Of England don't take or ask for 10% off its followers(thats what American Churches do), they are however the biggest land owners in the UK with billions of pounds in assets. I believe that this dispute will be agreed some point in the middle, out of court. Do not think for a second that The Church Of England are small fry, they have enough $$$ to fight most organisations. But they are living in a dream world if they think Sony will remove the church from RFOM or pull the game. Everyone knows that god loves Wii sports!

Leathersoup4733d ago

They have to pay hush money to a lot of choir boys.

bootsielon4733d ago

I thought the church was supposed to be christian enough to forgive. But I guess they're hypocrites after all.

TheExecutive4733d ago

exactly. The pope needs a new mansion

XxZxX4733d ago

this doesn't look good for a religious group.

macalatus4733d ago

@ theexecutive

"exactly. The pope needs a new mansion"

Dude, we're talking about the Anglican Church, which broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. Know your religious groups, bud.

caffman4733d ago

I very much doubt they would be buying the pope anything. But Sony should have at least tried to ask permission. Unless it's another form of publicity campaign.......

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progx4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

So your hating on Christians now to? What a prick.

I can see why they wouldn't want it in the game. Its not like they said "a church", its name and likeness were used.

Leathersoup4733d ago

You know, the church, where millions of deluded people go every Sunday in order to feel good about the way they treat everyone during the week.

Unfortunately, for them. It does no good. There is no God.

BIGBAER4733d ago

The Church of England owns Manchester Cathedral. It is a private property that is open to the public. The Church has the same private property rights that all citizens do.

The Church also has the right to choose when and if its private ptoperty, Manchester Cathedral, is displayed in a commercial medium, in this case, Resistance: Fall of Man.

I doubt, if asked, the Church would have allowed Manchester Cathedral to be depicted as the center of a bloodbath.

Sony will lose if this actually goes to court.

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The story is too old to be commented.