Robot Bartender Pours Your Drink Based on Your Tetris Skill

Robots, alcohol and video games make one tantalizing combination to put on distant-future Christmas lists. Now geek boozers are in luck: the one-man Nonpolynomial Labs has developed interactive versions of Mario and Tetris that incorporate a robotic bartender to mix up drinks during real-time play.

The interactive games come courtesy of Kyle Machulis, a self-described "mild-mannered engineer" who tackles some decidedly unorthodox garage projects that have included a "Moaning Lisa" sensor-feedback mannequin and a "LifeCycle" that uses an exercise bike to drive virtual vehicles in Second Life. He created "Adult Mario" and "Bartris" to showcase in the upcoming Roboexotica event held in Vienna, Austria, where robots display their cocktail mixing skills.

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SasanovaS19873224d ago

great alchohol control mechanism if you ask me...if your drunk, thus you suck at tetris, thus proving to the robot you shouldnt have another drink

-Alpha3224d ago

Seriously. First they run over the banks, and now they are taking the jobs of bartenders.

hitthegspot3224d ago

That is awesome. It would be great if it yelled at you while you played.

mjolliffe3224d ago

Aw man that is just totally awesome! Love the fact that if your drunk your crap a tetris :P

Kakkoii3224d ago

Would have been great if it weren't for the fact it only has rum, coke, water.

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