A "Multi-Console Online" Game Would Be Logical

IronstarMovement writes: "Everyone has thought it, others have said it, and I am here to elaborate on it. If there was a game that allowed PS3 and 360 users to play together, we all would play it! Could you imagine if this heated console war that has been raging across the internet made it's way into an online game? Or even being able to play a game with your friends who currently play on the other side? Well in imagining so myself, I've come to the conclusion that a game of this nature would not only be revolutionary, but also a huge success for the industry as well."

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tdrules3229d ago

no it wouldnt.

360 side, Microsoft would see no point in charging to play online.
PS3 side, the game itself is much different.
the author clearly has a limited knowledge of networking

ThaTruthMVP3229d ago

Well aware of the limitations. Hence writing "Right off the bat, lets go ahead and forget about all of the limitations, hardware and business wise, that have kept us from seeing a game like this surface. It's time for us all to use our imaginations."

YungXclusive2K93229d ago

lol @ 1 Do you know how many PC games play on different hardware?

tdrules3229d ago

theres a difference between a pc game running on a different CPU/GPU and a console game running on the overly complicated Cell and the 360 architecture.
and to 1.1 I missed that I apologise

YungXclusive2K93229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Well according to Square Enix, the PS3 version of FFXIV is compatible with the PC version. If the previous online FF game on PC (FFXI) is compatible with the 360 version, why can't a PS3 version of the same game be compatible with 360???

Plus I don't think PC and 360 processors vary that much when developing on them.

SilentNegotiator3229d ago

PSN users might let it slip that not everyone charges to play the second half of your games (MP).

And customer knowledge is their biggest enemy in this market.

p3rf3ctgam3r3229d ago

Article said "Well in imagining so myself, I've come to the conclusion that a game of this nature would not only be revolutionary, but also a huge success for the industry as well."

I know he is talking about PS3 and XBOX360, but to say it would be revolutionary is misleading. FFXI already did it and PS2, XBOX and PC users all were able to enjoy the game together. I think the user is also referencing Shooter type games but still, AGENCY will do it at least with the PC and PS3.

I'd like to see all online games that are multiplatform (i.e. COD) allow gamers to play together (or against each other) regardless of platform.

We can't forget FFXIV may make it's way to the XBOX360 as well, and thus will be the 2nd game to cover 3 major platforms.

DarkTower8053229d ago

My ATT LG phone can't send a text to your Verizon Samsung phone. Of course it can happen, it's just a matter of getting both parties to give the nod.

Personally, I've always wanted something like this to happen, and I'm sure one day it will.

RockmanII73229d ago

I don't really see this happening. If it does happen, my biggest problem is if someone hacks, you may not be able to report them because they are on the other online service. I would, however, love to see a game where it is PS3 players and PSP players both playing with each other or something around those lines.

Guitarded3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

An excellent shooter. One of my favorite games this generation. You never could tell who was on a PC without asking which I found surprising. Technology is probably not the major stumbling block preventing 360/PS3 cross play from happening.

One thing is for sure, if it happened, that would be the one PS3 game where every one would have a mic and the trash talk from both sides would be out of control.

By the way, 360 would win over PS3 in a cross platform tournament for two reasons. #1 360 controller. #2 Larger and more experienced(1 year head start unless you count the orig. Xbox then longer) Shooter community so more talent and more experienced talent to choose from. Have to admit my logic is solid.

Take that PS3 fans! Just a joke. Don't attack me.

Shotgun_Roamer3229d ago

I love the console war! It drives both companies to make the products better for the consumer. Heil free markets.

Saaking3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Fanboy wars? That'd be pretty fun actually. Seeing which side plays better. haha. Now THAT would be competitive to the max.

Prototype3229d ago

Final Fantasy 11 with Ballista says hi

multipayer3229d ago

It all sounds good on paper, but in reality we would just have a bunch of pissed off live customers that can't find people to annoy over a mic and PSN users who really enjoyed the peace and quiet anyway. Than all the developers work would be for nothing.

Syncing Live for windows and xbox will probably continue and it should, but even than, mouse vs analog doesn't make much sense.

Guitarded3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Hi Final Fantasy XI with Ballista. How are you? You sound lonely. I guess you probably don't get too much play time these days. Cheer up!

EDIT: @ slugboss. I believe my scenario above is more likely than yours. The popularity of N4G illustrates my point for me. Also mouse/keys vs. controller worked well in Shadow Run, as I also stated in a comment above.

EDIT#2: @ #2 qface64. Are you being serious? The first game that made me appreciate the mute button was the very first game I ever played online with a headset. Rainbow Six on Xbox original. It was also the first time I appreciated being able to verbally communicate with my teammates. Voice communication is a double edged sword. The mute button dulls the bad edge quite nicely.

Traveler3229d ago

Yeah let's take this console war online and we'll see which side are better gamers. I think it is a great idea. The only problem is, some of us wouldn't know which side to play for. :(

presto7173229d ago

Killzone 2: ISA vs Helghast
Uncharted 2: Heores vs Villins
Unnamed project: Team Sony vs Team Microsoft. Who's more hardcore?


Redempteur3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

logical maybe ... but everyone want to mark his territory ..

so it won't happen ...
Basicly they would need to use a protocol to communicate that would negate the differences in processing power on each system .. not impossible ..but not that easy .
It would at least prevent the numerous devs to create game that pushes the hardware of each console since they will be limited by that protocol .

PS: the example of game on windows and PC are null and void ( ff11 used a Square enix system ..and by that i mean for( designed for ff11 ) and the others example for the first xbox are null since the first xbox is just a pc in disguise ..not much to do .

actually it's impossible to this for each game ( technicaly ) and when it's done you can bet that you won't exploit your hardware to the max ...

Sure like FF11 you can design your own connexion protocols but let's face it only a few devs actually polish their online tools ( most of them use standars networks tools to bluid their online parts ..)
Doing so is NOT easy and require a lot of work so most of them won't ..

Persistantthug3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

The reason that this won't happen aren't technical. I don't care what kind of network is running, there is ALWAYS a way to make 2 different networks talk to each other. It might take alot of servers and engineers to make it, but it could be done.

The reason that this is likely NOT to happen, even with Final Fantasy 14, is because Microsoft will not allow XBOX LIVE to be compromised.
In FF14's case, for example, what if Final Fantasy 14 becomes a hit and goes on to compete with WoW? Final Fantasy, as a franchise, is already a system seller by itelf, so why would Microsoft allow FF14 on XBOX LIVE if it's already free to play on PSN? Potentially, that game could singlehandedly cause the downfall of XBOX LIVE because people may just choose to not renew LIVE subscriptions in favor of PSN. Microsoft would never allow that to happen...never ever, and they'd be fools to let it happen.

multipayer3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Games lag enough without this stupid scheme... I'd really like to hear the argument of how crippling mouse control to play competitvely vs analog makes a heap of sense. I'll give you a bubble, because I pity the foo' Guitarded!


U guys mess it up for all of us..

GameGambits3229d ago

Final Fantasy XI says hello from PS2, PC, and Xbox 360(plus you can play it on your PS3 if you wish to).

FFXIV will surely do the same IF they really do bring it to 360 later on.

Redempteur3229d ago

you should read my comment one more time .

i said it's possible
i said each company is marking his territory (making exchange of information difficult)

and i said that while possible it would prevent the full usage of one console

in short you disagree with me on something we both agree on ... congrats

3229d ago
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qface643229d ago

i can picture said game in my head would be a nightmare to play online

would probably be the first game that would make me happy the mute button existed

PhoenixDevil3229d ago

It would definitely cut down some fanboys if a games cross platform online, or at the very least contain them into more secluded area of gaming

Another great thing would be tournaments PS3 Vs 360 : modern warfare 2, the elite vs the elite, you just know the fanboys would give it everything they got to win

That could be some pretty awesome gaming, and it would be good for the people who don't have both consoles but with friends that do (me) unfortunately I don't see it happening soon


It would be perfect....they probably would sell the same amount of games

Ps_alm3k3229d ago

M$ is like the North korea in Online gaming, that is why....