IGN: Best PSP Games - 2009

IGN writes: "The PSP had one hell of a year in 2009. Major franchises made their debut on the system, with the likes of Rock Band, Assassin's Creed, LittleBigPlanet and Resistance giving PlayStation Portable owners something fresh to play on the road. Returning series like Final Fantasy, Patapon and LocoRoco upped the ante even more, rounding out a great 2009 release calendar. So what games were the greatest of the great? Find out right here with our Best of 2009 awards."

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Gamer60563228d ago

Resistance Retribution is my PSP game of the year

Saaking3227d ago

Yea, I would have given it to Resistance as well (or LBP, uh hard choice), but Patapon 2 is still a great game. Loads of fun.

hatchimatchi3227d ago

Retribution is a good game, by far the best in the series when it comes to the story.

ThanatosDMC3227d ago

I cant beat Patapon 2... i suxors. I beat the first one though.

xabmol3227d ago

It's one of the top games across all platforms this year!

When you see me playing my PSP, 8 times out of 10 it's Patapon. You can always tell when I'm playig it too. I'll be rocking back and forth tapping my toes with the most serious look on my face. I'v gotten more than a few strange looks when playing it in public areas. xD

wanderofys3227d ago

I would go with either LBP or Crimson Gem Saga, but I certainly have no beef with Patapon. Great fun to be had there.

Still haven't picked up R:R, I need to get on that.

Highatus3227d ago

Loving Crimson Gem Saga atm, bought it on a whim and its fantastic :)

hatchimatchi3227d ago

ditto, crimson gem saga is an awesome game.

3227d ago
Cajun Chicken3227d ago

Nobody appreciated Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, but me, did they?

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