PS2 Titles in Need of HD Remakes

RespawnAction writes: "The God of War collection was released last month and offered an HD visual upgrade to God of War 1 and 2. This got me thinking about what other games could benefit from an HD remake. Remember the great titles you played way back when on the non-HD systems? Remember how great they were? Could you imagine how they'd be when played on your home theater setup in 720p? Or possibly full 1080p? If one of your favorite games doesn't make the list, please add it in the comments..."

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Light Yagami3227d ago

None. Just give us BC back.

snipermk03227d ago

And if no BC, then I'd like to see Resident Evil 4 as a HD remake. :(

Serjikal_Strike3226d ago

but I'd still love to have ICO and SotC on bluray HD!
and the first 3 devil may crys!

theusedfake3226d ago

heck yes FFX, and I wouldn't mind getting
Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 in HD as well.

DatNJDom813226d ago

All the Metal Gear Solids. MGS2 and 3. Even MGS1. Fcuk it while your at it make MG and MG2 Solid Snake in hd. Yea I know they are 8 bit, but I wouldn't mind playing MG and MG2 in 8 bit hd glory. MGS1 with PS1 grafx in hd would be cool as well. Well, for me at least.

SilentNegotiator3226d ago

But they would run out and buy the Halo collection (On 2 DVDs of course) in a heart beat.

sikbeta3226d ago

4·RE DA (Think I'm the only one in Earth that love this game)
8·TM Black
9·J&D Series
10·Many more....

Mainman3226d ago

MGS2, MGS3 and ZOE2 rerelease for PS3 and I'm cool.

I never played SotC, so if Sony would rerelease it for PS3 I would go buy it.

Prototype3226d ago

DDR (all versions on one blu ray with every song available from the start)
Street Fighter Alpha Anthologies
Silent Hill 2
Namco X Capcom
Dark Cloud 1-2
GTA 3-San Andreas

There's a lot more but I can't think at the moment, Uncharted 2 online calling

Rumor3226d ago

well, basically just hit my two right on the head.

Black and Kh series FTW

FamilyGuy3226d ago

Only if those CGI scenes can be made HD as well and since they weren't able to with the GOW Collection what hope is there for FFX?

CobraKai3226d ago

I'd much rather have HD upgraded games than BC. I have a BC compatible PS3 and some games did not age well for HD.

rockleex3225d ago

If they do, they could just go back an re-render it in HD.

But it really depends on how much the original company takes part in the HD remake.

Santa Monica barely took part in the GOW collection, mainly because they were still working on GOW3.

rockleex3225d ago

Killzone and Black introduced the most realistic animations in FPS.

But Black beat Killzone, and every other FPS game during that era, in graphics.

PS: We need more Mech games like ZOE2.

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reintype3227d ago

The Xenosaga series, and Dark Cloud 1 and 2 plus Rogue Galaxy on 1 disc.

Redempteur3226d ago

i agree any PS3 hd remakes without ZOE is pure FAIL

kraze073226d ago

Agreed, but personally I'd rather have ZOE 3 than a remake of the first two.

Redempteur3226d ago

of course everyone would want to zero shift IN hd ...
KOjima is busy right now but he said he will make it ( zoe3 ) so if konami want a reassurance( given how many units the game sold in europe alone ) a hd remake might be good

Capdastaro3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I would love to see GTA Vice City and San Andreas, remade with the GTA IV engine... That would keep me very happy for a LONG time.

gunnerforlife3226d ago

devil may cry 1 and 3(an 2 >_> ) in HD :)

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