appVersity: iRafting Review

You are going to transform from a newbie floating aimlessly in a raft, into a pro rafter, defying ruthless currents left and right. You are going to have to withstand the power of the river one second, and learn to trust it in the next, letting your boat float downstream. You are seconds away from subduing the elements and reaching the shore.

With 15 levels or intense river rapids and currents flowing through insidious cliffs, 6 excellent 3D style tracks, and 4 types of boats you are loaded up to the teeth to become the best rafter around. If that is who or what you want to be. You object is to make it, with your team of people, down the river rapids in the fastest time possible and without dying on the way. The visuals surprisingly good and the water detail is not too shabby.

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