AllAboutTheGames: Dante's Inferno Preview

AATG writes: "2010 certainly seems to be lining up to become "the year of the overblown melee mash-em-up game" with quite a few notable new IPs jostling with each other like pub drunks for top honours. Bayonetta should do pretty well, but my money's on Dante's Inferno wowing a few people too.

If you've never seen a God of War game on either the PS2 or PSP, you probably won't know what to expect. If you have, then Dante's Inferno isn't just a rather flattering imitation, it takes all of the elements from GOW that made it visceral and gory, shoves them in a blender, a microwave, then one of those machines you squeeze pasta out of, turning the whole thing into a handful of bloodied ground beef ripe for consumption."

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