Mass Effect 2 experience is 'over the top amazing' says BioWare CEO

CC: BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka has said that the experience you will get from Mass Effect 2 is 'over the top amazing'.

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kalebgray923223d ago

but this is one rare case where i believe him MAG and ME2 day 1 purchases in late January

ruleroftekken3223d ago

ME2 = Day One Purchase
MAG = No Way, maybe 2 weeks after or as a birthday present in February.

Saaking3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I played the MAG beta and it's cool (I just couldn't get into it) but I'd take ME2 over MAG. Anyways one is an FPS and one is an RPG. No comparisons needed.

Bungie3223d ago

i've played the first 5 hours of the game

holy **** there's alot of surprises

LukaX233223d ago

Again, more people comparing two games just cause they're releasing around the same time. When will they learn? SMH.

hobokiller3223d ago

If he is trying to hype this game to oblivion and back, its working for me.

Chris3993223d ago

the constant need to shill your product as opposed to letting it stand on it's own merits is completely annoying.

When did Bioware become self-aggrandizing as$hats like Turn 10?

I really hate the new, commercial, aggressive nature of this industry. These people aren't sports-stars ffs, they're game developers (or corporate suits, in this case - but the developers have made similar boisterous claims). Just make the product and shut up please. I don't need their opinion on what is "epic" or "mind-blowing" or "over the top". This is not Hollywood, their opinions don't matter, it's a commercial relationship between my $ and a publisher. Sure, there's aspects of artistry and whatnot also involved, but it's mostly the transaction of my (and your) cash for some entertainment.

Cold 20003223d ago

I dont think what you said can apply for Bioware.
Bioware are simply talking about their own products and never mention other studios or games unlike Turn 10. Moreover its not in over the top way like Turn 10 once again.

Chris3993223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Either this is all some very selective reporting over the past few days, or, Bioware is developing a bit of an ego.

Bioware on JRPGs being stagnant:

Bioware on the competition:

Bioware on ME: 2:

Seriously, just search Bioware on N4G and read some of the stories that they're headlining in.

Great studio, don't get me wrong, but they haven't really done anything to their formula since the NWN days other than add more layers to dialog trees. Oh, and they threw some awkward, weird-handed (sorry, but the hands in DAO are just "off") sex in there too :P Again, ME was brilliant (while being still very Bioware cannon). I'm sure the sequel will be the same. But there is an ego at work here, and I find that irritating. That's all I'm saying.

@ below. Yeah, they're all guilty of it. Seems to be the trend to hype your game to Hell and back.

snipermk03223d ago

BioWare CEO: ME2 is the best game evaaaa
Square Enix CEO: FF13 is teh pwnz0rs game evaaaa
Activision CEO: Tony Hawk ride is the bestttt game evaaaa!!111!!
Valve CEO: Donuts are the best thing evaaaa!!!

deadreckoning6663223d ago

Im gunna stowe away 120 bucks just in case this and Conviction make the jump to PS3.

WildArmed3222d ago

Only game i'm getting in Jan is Ao2 >.<
rest will have to wait till Summer lol

4Sh0w3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Chris Bioware is about to release their game next month, they are doing interviews, I don't see anything they have said as cause for concern, they haven't bad mouth any developer or game in particular. Yes they are hyping their game and ME2 deserves every bit of it imo.

BTW, they were answering questions asked in interviews, whats wrong with that?

Bioware on JRPGs being stagnant:

"While up at BioWare's headquarters in Edmonton, I had the opportunity to throw some questions at company co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk. I was curious about how the duo felt about the current RPG landscape in general, and why we're seeing more and more western-style RPGs while JRPGs have, at least among North American audiences, fallen somewhat to the wayside." -Destructoid

"The fall of the JRPG in large part is due to a lack of evolution, a lack of progression," Zeschuk said."

Chris, I'm not sure how else he's suppose to answer how he feels about JRPG's, you may disagree but many like me feel that everything he said was legit, JRPG's haven't changed much over the years.

Bioware on the competition:

"Cho was asked about the amount of releases in the coming months"-CVG

"There's a whole bunch of titles but I'm not worried about it because it's a great game. It didn't really matter when we were going to put it out, I think it's going to blow people out of the water."

"We're so proud of the game that I'm not worried at all. I feel like this is actually the best game that has come out of our studio in the history of BioWare." -Cho(from Bioware)

So he's not worried because he's proud of his game, Sounds like a great answer to me.

Bioware on ME: 2:

Muzyka: "Mass Effect 2 to be 'best thing yet from Bioware"

yeah, every dev says their latest game is the best game they have made, if they dont think so I would be worried, why make a game you dont think is better than your last one.

Maybe you should skip the next ME2 hype article Chris.

Traveler3222d ago

For sure. I see nothing wrong with anything Bioware has said. I personally can't wait for Mass Effect 2.

kalebgray923221d ago

just saying im getting them cuz they come out at the same time... fanboys look into this too much

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s8anicslayer3223d ago

It seems to that any anticipated game that is to be released for the 360 gets alot of "Horn Tootin" from the parties involved...aint nothing wrong with that I'm just sayin!

StarCSR3221d ago

Yeah you're right! There is (for example) absolutely no one talking nice about God Of War III, Heavy Rain & MAG.

_insane_gamer_3223d ago

Bioware have balls of steel with the confident comments i've seen from them recently!

mjolliffe3223d ago

They're confident because they've had good feedback from it so far. I played it two or three months ago now and it was brilliant :)

WildArmed3222d ago

after the first ME, I expect nothing less.
and ofc bioware aren't gonna say anything bad about their game

PhilipLarkin3223d ago

OTT isn't always good...=S

karan86243223d ago

stop saying it. This is the 3rd story on N4G where someone from the company says this. Its not news, though I have no doubt it will be a good game, OBVIOUSLY someone from the company will say its good

Common sense

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