Dante's Inferno Proves Corrupt ESRB

PS3Center: Still to this day certain industries and products on the market are not taken seriously. A major concern to me is the video game industry. Why is the fastest growing and biggest entertainment industry still looked at as child's play? Back when Pacman and other 2d pixel art games were popular it was understandable, but for some reason a majority of adults that loved those games will not respect the fact that the industry has evolved. This has become a problem for several reasons, but today I want to focus on something very commonly in the news. Our ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and how corrupt it has become because of these ignorant people not accepting change.

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Saaking3229d ago

ESRB is crap. Their rating system sucks. A lost of games (ESPCIALLY games such as Halo) shouldn't be rate M and then there's the games that SHOULD be rated M but aren't. Anyways, just from the Demo, Dante's Inferno is definitely an M rating.

My main complaint, however, is that the ESRB has way too much power. They should just rate the game, but no. Instead, devs are sometimes forced to cut stuff out to achieve a particular rating and that should not happen. AO games should NOT be banned. If your 18 and you want to play an AO title, you shouldn't have to look around to find them.

Megaton3229d ago

Well I don't think the AO game distribution thing is really their fault. I remember Sony and Nintendo both said an AO title will never be released on their consoles. People cutting things out to achieve an M instead of an AO are doing it to pass certification from Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft.

I think it's completely absurd that we can't have AO games when the average gamer's age is somewhere in the early 30's, but you can't put all the blame on the ESRB. The fail comes from many sources when it comes to AO restrictions.

Soldierone3229d ago

Your correct in terms its not the ESRB's fault, just to clarify what happens with an AO game. Its not that Sony, ninty wont allow it. Nintendo wants E and T games, and Im not sure if they blocked AO all together, but Sony didnt. They just purely will not market the game, will not mention its a PlayStation game, and will not give it support like other games.

The real fault with AO games is more so the people selling them. Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, and a few others stated they will not sell or have anything to do with AO rated games. So having an AO game is like a sellers nightmare. Just like the rating just above R for movies (NC-17) is suicide for any film because places wont show it, and kids/teens cannot watch it AT ALL.

Also the cutting back isnt really "forcing," developers do it so they achieve that lower ratings. They do it to reach a broader audience. If teens can buy the game, like uncharted, they are destined to sell more copies than an AO game that isn't allowed to be in stores at all.

AEtherbane3229d ago

too many games are undeserving of the "m" rating, which has watered down the conotaitions of the rating system.

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callahan093229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

"Before a game with a gun, some action, and a cool story could actually receive a Teen rating, now almost anything with a gun and blood is brandished with a Mature rating. Kids games that should be rated E getting Teen for “comic mischief.”"

I dunno. The first Ratchet & Clank games were rated Teen, but all of the R&C Future games, which have just as much innuendo and double entendre in their humor, and just as much gunplay and explosive action, are now rated Everyone 10+. InFamous and Uncharted 1 & 2 have a lot of bad language and violence and they're rated Teen. He makes it sound like a game like Uncharted 2 with bad language, violence, and blood would be rated Mature, but it's not. I don't think it's wrong that Dante's Inferno got a Mature instead of an AO. But I do think it's wrong that Halo gets a Mature. That game should be Teen all the way. So freakin' weird: Uncharted 2 has more bad language, sexual innuendo, bone-crushing violence and blood, and yet it's Teen but Halo is Mature. Haha.

theunknown3229d ago

It's always been about the human blood splatter I suppose.

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ThaOutKast3229d ago

Anyone should be able to see any film, play any game, listen to any music. It's ridiculous. I personally do not have kids but I can assure you if/when I do I will never limit their exposure to Art for any reason.

MajestieBeast3229d ago

Well their should be guidelines i wouldnt want a 10 year old playing dead space. But lol dantes inferno Teen whats next alien vs predator goes for E rating.

Bigpappy3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

AO digital porn and excessive horror is okay with me. War and alien games that don't have those aspects could be played by most kids 14 and over. But parents have to know what is in the games they buy and what their kids can handle.

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