Nier video is Nier-ly video-free

Joystiq: We were really hoping this Nier trailer would help answer some of the questions we had about the title. For example, what's up with the two different games? We're getting just one game on PS3 and 360 -- but that game is a 360 exclusive in Japan, with a different Nier game being released on PS3. Why not release both games in the larger North American market? And how will the gameplay be evolved since the E3 demo? Because if there's not some improvement, the number of Nier games may not matter.

It does not answer any of those questions. In fact, we have several more questions after this trailer, which features the voice (but not much else) of the AI partner, Kaine. Questions like "what?"

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Godmars2903225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

But damn it doesn't get your attention!

Seriously though, how is it that anyone has seen screen shots and think this will be a good looking game?

dgroundwater3223d ago

I thought this game looks kinda lame. But this "trailer" was entertaining anyway!