New The Agency Images

IGN has just posted some new images of the Sony Online Entertainment MMO The Agency. Enjoy

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ngg123454173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

MMORPG/FPS. Probably the best looking mmo to date (if home isn't considered a mmo).
I need some bubbles.

ngg123454173d ago

Forgot about that game. Going to be awesome.

_insane_cobra4173d ago

Actually, it's Huxley, but I forgot about Hellgate: London. :)

ngg123454173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Because that image looks better then most games and looks significantly better thent the video they shown for the game. That image, I think looks better then geow.

_insane_cobra4173d ago

Doesn't look much better than this to me:

And that's very old footage (June 22, 2005).

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rowdy 14173d ago

is doing some pretty cool things. I like the way this game looks. iwander how you interact with other players in this game.

_insane_cobra4173d ago

I'm not to keen on the way it looks, but some gameplay features they plan on implementing sound interesting:

fenderputty4173d ago

This could be rather big since the shooter audience isn't small. If it's an MMO that isn't a huge time sink and appeals to the shooter audience then I'm probably going to give it a shot.

Bill Gates4173d ago

I'm liking the art style of this game.

Cartesian3D4173d ago

art style is awesome..

lighting and polygons are realy good.. but they didnt use high detailed textures.. may be cuz of art style ( like teamfortress2 )

co_ray4173d ago

they are horrible, for example Matrix Online was pretty good when Monolith was in control, but when SoE everything went downhill, the story line was non-existent and no events were formed etc.... then Star Wars:Galaxies, no need to talk about that, we all know how it has been on a downhill spiral ever since SoE picked it until we see some actual footage and such, i don't buy this as a good MMO.

VirtualGamer4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Yes I have played SOE MMO's. Been playing them since the summer of 1999 when EverQuest first launched. You have your facts wrong btw SOE did not pick up Star Wars Galaxies they created it. You also don't realize that creative control of SWG was in Lucas Arts hands not SOE as they owned the license to the franchise and had final say on everything.

That said eveyone should approach every new MMO with good amount of sceptism. What sounds good on paper often does not translate well to actual gameplay. Its a great idea we'll just have to see if they can pull it off.

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The story is too old to be commented.