God of War Collection: The Future of Backwards Compatibility?

With the recent announcement of a PAL-only God of War Ultimate Trilogy Edition pack, combined with this week's reveal of the PSP emulator for PS3, Digital Foundry decided to take a good, hard look at Sony's God of War Collection: an HD "re-mastering" of the original PS2 titles, and an interesting new solution to the age-old, thorny issue of backwards compatibility on PlayStation 3.

The God of War Collection is unique in that it not only makes two truly classic games playable on any PlayStation 3, but it also produces a range of visual and performance benefits that make it a tempting purchase even if you already own the original releases. Even if you've got a PS3 with full hardware PS2 compatibility, the Collection is so good and so keenly priced, its charms are difficult to ignore.

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callahan093278d ago

I gladly paid 36 dollars ( price with free shipping) for this set. Much better than the original versions... prettier and runs smoother, plus trophies added some life and objectives to the game. And all for the price of what buying the PS2 versions individually would cost, so I consider it a great deal.