TSA: Game Of The Year Results

Game of the Year – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Best PS3 Game - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Best 360 Game – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Best Downloadable Game - Flower
Best Shooter - Killzone 2
Best RPG - Demon's Souls
Best Driving Game - Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Best DLC - WipEout HD Fury
Most Anticipated Game of 2010 - Gran Turismo 5
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keysy4203229d ago

this is a stupid vga awards

lordkemp0073229d ago

Because all 360 had this year was a quick cash in of last years L4D with a criminally short campaign and sub standard graphics. See also Halo ODST -- short campaign and sub hd mediocrity masquerading as full title. Halo wars was another cash in to exploit the halo name and gullible fan-base into thinking it was another FPS instead of a lacklustre RTS . Ninja blade-Oh dear. 2 admittedly good GTA4 downloadable titles to an overrated game that hardly push innovation. Shadow complex -- Yet more DLC, an 85% at best. Forza 3 another overscored and overrated game with average physics.

You are right about MW2 -- That game has another criminally short campaign and lack of innovation with sub hd visuals. Reviewers bought into (or are paid to) the hype (see GTA4) with this one.

So i would give xbox 360 game of the year to either Batman or assassins creed 2. I would probably give it to Batman (Joker exclusive to PS3) as it seems fresher than 2007 's creed sequel.

This painfully illustrates what a poor year it has been for 360 owners.

Up against Killzone 2-- Uncharted 2- Flower - Wipeout HD- Yakuza 3 (Jap)-Infamous -Demon souls- MLB The Show- Ratchet and Clank-Final fantasy(Jap dec release) and others i cant remember now.

In the interests of fairness, things do look up for xbox 360 gamers next year with Mass effect 2, Splinter Cell and Alan Wake all looking very promising and polished performers.