"Worlds Smallest" N64...It's Portable Too!

Known as the "Starlight 64? a modder on the ModRetro forums created what is the "worlds smallest" Nintendo 64. With a 5 inch screen, 3 hours of battery life, and a built in expansion pack (so you can play ALL N64 games)

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Kreyg3228d ago

I think the big question is how much is the creator going to sell it for and how much would it actually cost to make one yourself

jhooty143228d ago

why not have it smaller by hacking ur psp and puting an emulator on it lol preety awesome though .!

ZombieNinjaPanda3228d ago

That is so awesome.
Do not know any other words to describe it.

Kreyg3228d ago

Awesome is one way that you can describe it, you got that right.

It's awesome there are instructions on how to build your own too. I wonder how much time and money it takes to make one of these though

Why Dat3228d ago

I am a BIG FAN of people who make stuff like this.

I own a Retro system myself. It is a combination of a Super Nintendo and Nintendo. Other than looking like a cheap plastic toy, it actually is pretty damn awesome.

armanmoo3228d ago

It's huge!

But it's portable alright.

Kreyg3228d ago

it's funny, you're right that it is big, but its still considered the worlds smallest n64, haha

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