Wi-Fi Planet Review: Wireless N Networking Adapter - Xbox 360

Until recently, if you wanted to connect an Xbox 360 to a Wi-Fi N network, your two options were to dumb the network down to b/g compatibility mode in order to use Microsoft's Wi-Fi adapter for the Xbox 360, or invest in a third-party Ethernet-to-Wireless N bridge.

Now that the 802.11 standard is finally a done deal, Microsoft saw fit to update its hardware accordingly with a new Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter. Microsoft's new N adapter carries the same $99 (MSRP) price tag as the original (and now discontinued) a/b/g compatible model, and like it, supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies-very handy if you have a dual-mode N router or plan to get one in the future.

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DRUDOG3228d ago

Check Amazon...I found this a few weeks back for $84.

hitthegspot3228d ago

I would consider it if it was $50. But even at $84 I am happy just using an ethernet cable.