Newsweek Prediction: Microsoft Pushes Out Steve Ballmer

Microsoft stock has dropped by nearly 50 percent on his watch, lagging not just other tech companies but even the Dow Jones industrial average. Distracted by the Windows Vista fiasco, Ballmer has missed every big new tech market of the past decade. Google won the race for Internet search and keyword advertising. Apple won in MP3 players and online music sales, and now holds the high ground in mobile phones, while Windows Mobile fades away. Microsoft's Zune music player is a dud. Bing, Microsoft's search engine, will never catch Google.

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gameseveryday3225d ago

"Microsoft stock has dropped by nearly 50 percent"... i thought they were doing good.

hitthegspot3225d ago

It's time for some new blood in there...

trancefreak3225d ago

No surprise if true companies shift players around to stay competitive with new directions.

Im sure balmer is rich and smart enough to land another high profile job or to take some quality time enjoying his earnings.

Saaking3225d ago

MS isn't doing too good. Why do you think they had very few exclusives? They can't buy third parties anymore.

bjornbear3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

this guy is repulsive in every sense of the word, and it reflected on the company


i doubt they can't buy them, MS are still LOADED.

they just aren't investing their heart into their console like other companies do, and shifting resources to other parts of the company.

Hutch23553225d ago

They are still making billions of dollars in pure profit each year as a company. They started paying a dividend on their stock last year. Many companies that turn huge profits have low stock prices. A lot of it has to do with how many shares are out there. A look at the Market Cap is a better indicator of how much a company is worth. I wouldn't expect morons like Saaking to understand that. Microsoft has 8.9 billions shares out on the market, compare that to Sony who has 1 billion shares on the market. The market cap is the total amount of money if you sold all of the outstanding shares. So Microsoft has a market cap of 296 billion, while Sony has a market cap of 28.7 billion. Huge difference. Now market cap alone does not tell the tale of how well a company is doing, but it is a base line start when talking about a companies worth.

Over the last five years Microsoft stock has had a high of about 38 dollars and a low of 14.87 during the market crash in 08/09. So to say they are doing terrible is ludicras. So for the 2009 fiscal year they had an earnings of 1.54 per share, with 28.7 billions shares, thats quite a bit of "net" profit. So this article, while having a decent point about Balmer, is nothing but flame bait.

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qface643225d ago

am i the only one how thinks balmer can look real scary at times

Reibooi3225d ago

I love how they say the Zune is a dud when the vast majority of people out there thinks the Zune HD is a better product then the Ipod Touch.

jivah3225d ago

well da vast majority disagrees wit u...dats y theres millions n millions of ipods out there compared 2 a few million zunes
wen u mention mp3 2 sumbody da 1st thing most people think of is ipod
dats y its sooo successful

jus like a bunch of da older crowd...alot of em say nintendo 4 in my kids home playin nintendo
alot of people say ipod nowadays..zune nevr will b as popular as da ipod

003225d ago

What? can you please not write in Engrish.

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PS360PCROCKS3225d ago

@reibooi - wow I never looked at the Zune HD til I saw your post, I didn't realize it had touchscreen, wifi, HD radio and HD videos, that's pretty awesome. I love Apple Ipods for the interface but they lack features compared to everything else. Just like Macs and Iphones, but nobody realizes that

Udidntlistenpunk3225d ago

They are also the same people who stood in lines at the midnight launch of Windows Vista, the OS that is now generally considered to be utter crap.

I still remember seeing those reports. ROFL those nerds stood there in freezing cold and jumped up and down on their first copy of Vista. WOW!
I was speechless.

No tech junkie in his right sense would claim Zune is better than iPod. Period. iPod has sold what? 20 times more than Zune? I guess the market agrees.

As for MS being a big earner. MS as a whole company makes a lot of money. Unfortunately for you fanboys...MS XBOX division is not. Should MS ever start to scrap divisions, the first divisions to go, is without any doubt the XBOX division.

When that happens, its bye bye XBOX.

JD_Shadow3225d ago

It's going to take more than deep pockets now to get these developers on board for exclusive DLCs and that (look at how poorly the GTA4 ones did. They weren't exactly crashing servers). If MS wants them, they will have to convince them that the 360 is worth going exclusive for, and with Sony on their heels now, devs are going to wonder if it'll be worth it in the long run.

That's the problem MS's games division has, amongst everything else.

jimbone3225d ago

I think you need to look at overall game sales on both platform's before you make a commit like that. If I was an investor and could only pick one of the 2 platforms, i'm sorry but I would go with 360, the games just sale better. This is just from and investors POV not gamers.

Arnon3225d ago

"The only people who think Zune is better, are MS fanboys."

I own an iPod Touch 16 GB (the headphone jack is falling apart, which is common from what I hear) and even I know Zunes are more well-built than their competition. They may not have the support that Apple does, but their players in general are much more solid.

SaberEdge3225d ago

I have owned an iPod Touch and recently I bought a Zune HD and I like the Zune HD better in nearly every way.

To the guy saying that the iPod Touch is better because it has sold more, I thought sales doesn't equal quality? Just because the iPod Touch has sold more doesn't mean it is better. The Zune HD is amazing and I think more and more people will realize that as time goes on.

darkmurder3225d ago

Microsoft still has extremely deep pockets and as a loyal MS fan I must say that Ballmer has got to go. He is too obsessed with the search engine market when realistically he needs to stop wasting money on a lost cause and focus on what MS are good at - OS'. Getting Windows Mobile up to scratch is a huge necessity as well as ensuring their cloud platform is extremely stable and secure. Young blood is needed as both Ballmer and Ray Ozzie are too focussed on the tech ideas of the 90s.

SilentNegotiator3225d ago

Maybe if they dedicated themselves more to Windows, we would get better OSes with less compatibility issues and less consumption.

orange-skittle3224d ago

Microsoft just released Q3 reports and they were down 18%. The article is so biased it never mentioned the sandings of Bing. Noticed it said "Bing will never catch Google." That's because Bing was #2 over Yahoo. They just stated 2 days ago that Yahoo can't compete w/ Bing or Google. This wole article is nonsense and has no facts attached to it. Just because they are not #1 doesn't mean they are failing. They are talking about Zune as if anything can gain ground with iTunes and iPods on the market. That's like saying the PSP is failing compared to the DS or the Xbox 360 is going under because the Wii has sold twice as much.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3225d ago

was and IS RIM that punked MS in the mobile phone area, not Apple.

bjornbear3225d ago

HTC...and I'm extreemly disappointed with Windows Mobile.

Saving up for next gen iPhone for mid- 2010 =)

CptBach3225d ago

Nokia N900 Maemo 5

best phone out there... :D

KeenanTheSavage3225d ago

exactly. they "punked" everybody early and most of the functionality of the iphone takes it's basis of their phones.

IntelligentAj3225d ago

Well I've got a G1 and i'd say that Android is better than Windows mobile also. An this is retarded, MS has been posting good profits for the past couple of years. Their failing of certain areas is the faul of their R&D Department and not Ballmer.

duplissi3225d ago

im lovin my palm pre and webos. doesnt have many apps yet but the expirience of using it is like no other imo.

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freeblue3225d ago

ms stock is doing very good. after win 7.. it went from 26 to 30.

mrv3213225d ago

While I agree the recession has had a large part in all this doom and gloom some of Microsoft biggest failing haven't helped much.

Zune and countless others. I believe strongly Microsoft should focus on softwere and gaming instead of the two most clutered markets in the world Phone and MP3's. Microsoft is dominating in terms of OS's and I believe they should really go after that market with a fresh new approach for the next 5 years.

That being said I doubt he'll get the sack.

iceman29293225d ago

MSFT is about on par with what it has been since the burst of the tech bubble. The problem is that MSFT is no longer a growth comapany. They need to innovate if they want to see their share price rise as much as other tech companies have.

bjornbear3225d ago

an increase is stocks after a big release isn't surprising =/

Omega Zues3225d ago

RIM was way ahead of every body on that one.

Rocco Siffredi3225d ago

MS is still worth 1000% more than Sony, lol.

snipermk03225d ago

Now, that's what I call as loyalty. Severely butthurt nonetheless that his savior company is doing bad but still a loyal bot.

wxer3225d ago


Sony's Total assets $230.5 billion (2009)

Microsoft's Total assets US$ 77.888 billion (2009

this means that Sony is almost 3 times bigger than MS
( Sony = 3 Microsofts )

hitthegspot3225d ago

Great source???

Sony is actually $123,739,163

hitthegspot3225d ago

5 Disagree.... Really, well it's hard to swallow fact. Nice to see that the MS number from wicki is correct. Wonder why that is...

EvilBlackCat3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Steve Ballmer

You have a lot of freakin money... Just get the fnck out and enjoy it.
Take some quality time with your family and let new people with new and innovative ideas step up.

@ cyborg6971
"The xbox division will be first to go. Because of its profit/lose margin. The zune second. Only for the reason everyone listens to music but not everyone plays games. Start shaking in your boots"

wow what a fncking moron!

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