Analyst: FF13 Japan Sales "May Exceed FF12"

Final Fantasy XIII looks to be more popular than Square Enix expected, with analysts saying that it is likely to outsell Final Fantasy XII sales in Japan.

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hatchimatchi3227d ago

i didn't know that japan only has an audience of 4million for the ps3. That's crazy. It'll be interesting to see how many systems sold this month.

stb3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

on topic:(i may sound like a kid, but this game make me a cry kid of wanting it in eng as well)

THE XBOX IS SOOOOOOOOOOO OWNED, i have been watching this game being played by my friend and i may say, THISSSSSS IS A FIINEEEEEEEE GAME, I SO LOVE IT, I AINT HIPING IT, BUT I CANT HOLD, that the linea sht that were being said back, will end in about 3 o 4 hour if u go playing quick, but if u want to do it slowly it will take some time, but an´way when u get to the green ground...DUD WOW even ff xii world stay small to what u will be able to walk or run or ride on a chocobo, BEST FF YET FOR ME(the history is seriously good, far better than ff xii, and comparable to ff x). and the town and so, yes there wont be any in the first 4 hours of the game but later on there will be plenty, weapons...not too diverses but yes there will be quite a amount of them for the different kind of weapons that the character spear and so ever.

this game is just a AAA in all sense, u all jrpgs lover and ff lover will love this. U BET FOR IT.

vhero3226d ago

according to new numbers they now have 5 million they sold something like 400k consoles thanks to FF13.

gaffyh3226d ago

According to enterbrain, the PS3 just passed 4 million sales a week or two ago, so unless it sold 1 million in the past week, I doubt it will be at 5 million. Although it may sell a total of 1 million over the next few weeks.

gauntletpython3226d ago

Yeah, that would be quite a feat considering the PS3 has less consoles out there then when FF10 or 12 launched.

eagle213226d ago

PS3 sales will be through the roof. :)

sikbeta3226d ago

Yep, pretty much

I'll compare FF13 sales with GT5 sales in March, the only thing obvious is that the numbers going to be HUGE

97gsx3226d ago

I have to say I rate ff12 the lowest of all. I still dont understand what happened in that game.

gaffyh3226d ago

True, but I think it sold the most in the entire series, not sure though

shysun3226d ago

It was the best for me. I hated the turn based ff games(1-10). That's why I'm not to excited for ff13. Cutting away for the battles is just dumb! They got it so right in ff12.

97gsx3226d ago

It wasnt just the battle system though. The story was horrible and the characters were unlikeable. One of the guys was sleeping with a half cat chick. The main characters felt like they were tagging along the whole time. Bleh I want a true ff7 sequel to finish off the story and I can forgive square-enix.

shysun3226d ago

Sorry but I thought the half cat chick was hot. It was just like a interracial couple, do you have a problem with that?

The story was the most political of all the ff games that I've played and was just mature enough to pull it off. But the game play won me over(taken straight from ff11 online) YOU CAN SEE THE ENEMIES!! No hoping you don't run in to trouble and afraid the gaming gods would take you to some crazy land to take turns hitting each other. I could go on and on about why FF12 was my favorite and why they took a step back with ff13 but I think you get where I'm coming from.

I'm looking more forward to playing ff13vs. Its just my opinion.

97gsx3226d ago

Seriously? Interracial? SHE WAS A CAT!!!!I am gonna ignore the fact you brought race into this since I am Hispanic and have dated every race you can imagine.

Everything that makes jrpgs great are the surprise battles and turn based battles. Lost odyssey looks to be one of the last to follow this format though.

Baba19063226d ago

question though why are we even discussing ff if you didnt like 1-10. i mean really? thats like discussing fifa games and saying you dont even like soccer. i would never buy a fifa game if i hated soccer.

Godmars2903226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Really, the ears were a dead giveaway...

Really starting to get the feeling that this sh*tstorm is future damage control for reaction to the 360 version. Its coming in on three discs when it should at least be four and the one who are going to be suffering for it are 360 owners.

The game's not going to be its best on the console, therefore any other version of it will be sh*t.

Wouldn't even be surprised if this turned out if MS's hand was in this. An attempt to create general negative spin while they're talking to SE about making vsXIII multi as well.

Rock Bottom3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

FFXII's story was more suitable for an SRPG than a traditional one, it's focuses more on politics than it did on the main characters.
Other than that, I love that game, it was long, the world was huge, enemies had a real AI, some would run and re-grope with other fiends before attacking, some are friendly, until you attack them, and you could see different fiends fighting each others. And don't get me start naming all the things that you could do beside the main story, that game was huge.

shysun3226d ago

It was their equivalent of an interracial relationship, if you didn't understand that then you REALLY didn't pay ANY attention to the story.

To: Baba yes I played and hated ff1-10 and then I got a hold of FF11 and love it. My time was split between that game and Socom on PS2. I lost alot of my life to that game and it was time well spent. So when I heard ff12 will keep the same concept only it would be off line, I was filled with joy. For me that game(ff12) was everything I wanted in a ff game. I may be in the minority(review scores are mostly AAA for FF12) but at least you know where I'm coming from.

FinalFantasyFanatic3225d ago

This! This a billion times over, although I wasn't keen on the battle system either as I really don't like MMORPGs which FF12's was heavily based on.

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