Why Achievements Have Ruined Gaming (Alternative Magazine Online)

With the Xbox 360 came achievements, and soon after the PS3's release came trophies. Both pitched as tools to extend the game, but now are just a tool with which to flex your virtual ego. Alternative Magazine Online never really cared much for our gamerscore, we'd play a game, complete it, move on. Then they became almost as important as the game itself...

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VladimirK3224d ago

Yeah, because you're forced to get points.

And the guy only has a gamerscore of 15k going by that article, so basically it's just he feels inferior to people that have a higher one and then goes on to whine about it?

And personally, especially in the example of Left 4 Dead 2, they only extend the life of a game. Which to me isn't a bad thing.
They make you go and do other things that you normally wouldn't, or do something else that is fun, or even just to push you a bit further.

Maybe this guy should just play games then and ignore the points rather than pay any attention and feel he needs to whine.