SSF4 menus leaked as well as character select screen (rumors still true)

Analoghype, "Everything has come true so far regarding Super Street Fighter IV. The rumors that were leaked definitely were from someone working on the game. Seth Killian and Ono have stated coutnless times that they were looking to add a "minimum of 8 characters" and while most people thought it would just be that, they in fact added 10 characters as the rumors had suggested. What this means is that the 4 new characters that will be announced are, Dudley, Makoto, Ibuki and the new Arab grappler Hakan. The former three all being members from the last iteration of Street Fighter, 3rd Strike. What we know now is that there will be 22 stages and 35 characters. Images below."

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DJ Chick3227d ago

Looks slick. Ima pick this badboy up.

rockleex3227d ago

World Tour Mode
Dramatic Battle Mode
Final Boss Mode

And I think they confirmed beating up cars?

McRad3227d ago

Man I can't wait, I'm ready to get back to throwing roses at people.

Gambit073227d ago

Seriously, Dudley VS Balrog, never thought I'd see that.

Pein3227d ago

that we will no longer be surprised by any announcement. Well all the mystery surrounds how this new character would look like. I hope he's more like Abel than Zangief though. I don't like the hench grapplers, they're not cool

Gobot3227d ago

they have sf4 for 29.99 at stores and the price they have for ssf4 39.99, so basically they're going to charge 40bucks for 10 dollars worth of dlc, lol!

ceedubya93227d ago

Most map packs cost 10 dollars for games these days. This game is going to have at least 8 new characters, new stages, new online options, re-balancing, and who knows what else.

What DLC do you know of that offers similar stuff for 10 bucks?

Gobot3227d ago

you have to spend 40dollas for 10bucks of dlc. you have to buy another disc that cost 40 to get that 10bucks of dlc, so you're not getting all "that" for $10 but 40. i can tell you some other games that can give you all that for $40

ceedubya93227d ago

What I'm questioning is why you think the new stuff that is added is only worth 10 bucks. The way the market prices things these days, I would expect a 3 character pack for a game to cost 10 bucks on its own as DLC.

If they did this update as DLC only, there is no way it would have been 10 dollars, whether we think it should be or not. I can't think of any type of DLC packs comparable to what you get with SSF4 that retailed for anything less than 20. And that seems like that would be pushing it too.

Baka-akaB3227d ago

dont bother he's basically a digital stalker .

he disliked sf4 apparently , but can't stop himself from posting anytime it comes up instead of moving on .

Udidntlistenpunk3227d ago

If you purchase this game, your wallet will be FOURTY (40) bucks lighter. Not 10 bucks lighter.

So yes, you ARE LOSING 40 bucks.

multipayer3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

Also, to add to the negative capcom argument from someone with MEGAMAN AS THEIR AVATAR... They actually already milked SF4 with overpriced DLC, if this came out as DLC it would probably be "overpriced". It is just fighting fans are so willing to bend over for capcom, they can't even see the price/content ratio. Maps=Gigabytes, Characters=Megabytes, Clothing=umm yea, and balancing issues should never cost the consumer more money to get fixed.

That said, I'll buy this version after they screwed over their regulars and are more than happy to give content away to scrubs like me. Lol, they think I'll become addicted to their ****! XD

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Gabe EatsWell3227d ago

I expect disagrees, but the Main Menu artwork is terrible! It looks like Ken and Ryu are about to kiss. o_O

aks63513227d ago

they have this intense look nto each others eyes, that says, 'i'm gonna rip your clothes off and give you a smooch soo hard >_< '

am i right

BYE3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

LOL imagine the SF4 title music playing to the SSF4 artwork.

Somehow they manage to get everything perfect with Street Fighter these days, exept the main menu.

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