Over 10 New Ninja Gaiden Sigma Screens

New ninja Gaiden Sigma Screens following the announcement surrounding the success of the demo released on the playstation network. The demo was downloaded over 100,000 times on the Japanese playstation network store. Numbers for the NA playstaion network is not availble yet. Continue to view screens.

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shysun4805d ago

Some cool looking enemies.

Satanas4804d ago

I'm hoping Team Ninja is hiding some stuff from us, which is likely to be something they'd do to surprise people.

For example, I only remembering seeing a few screens of the new water type enemy, and they haven't shown screens of clone fights in Sigma yet.

Gonna pick up the special edition whenever it lands.

Bloodmask4804d ago

this was my favorite game on XBOX1. I highly recommend it to any PS3 owner who has never played the original. I can't wait for this and Ninja Gaiden 2.....Itigaki, and team Ninja make really high quality games.