Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Skins

Overmind writes: "Well this one slipped past the radar, didn't it? Released God knows how long ago were two Uncharted 2 multiplayer skins, the first that Naughty Dog have made available. The two skins are Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton from the motion comic, Uncharted: The Eye of Indra. The bundle also includes all four episodes of Uncharted: The Eye of Indra, so you can familiarize yourself with the new characters."

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WildArmed3227d ago

Aye. I remember this being posted in the EU PSblog.
Too bad US didn't/hasn't got it yet. I'm really interested in that Pinkerton skin lol
The most I miss is Eddy raja D:

presto7173226d ago

I was playing a game of plunder once, and one of my enemies had that skin. I just couldn't shoot. I was too busy staring. Eye candy....

mrv3213226d ago

It's the same with me and Sully... I mean Drake ah I can't choose!

Digitaldude3225d ago

Technically Rika is a villian no?
anyway I have them, Dont use em much as I like the skeletons too much XD

Kurisu3226d ago

And I enjoyed watching Eye of Indra. Short but sweet.

JussBlazn3225d ago

what?! no Eddy? but Eddy's sister? weird...

jack_burt0n3225d ago

they need female villains!!!!??!!!!

Redempteur3225d ago

the female is an ally ... the dude is the vilain of (eye of indra )

jack_burt0n3225d ago

ummmm.... yeah i know was making an appeal for the girls that always complain about not having a skin when playing the bad guys.


freediro3225d ago

if i have a UK account also can i get this?

DaTruth3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

If you can pay UK dollars(Pounds, Euros, whatever)! Multiple accounts only usually works for free content.

Redempteur3225d ago

hum maybe you should check that you have a pal release of the game first

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