Vehicles DLC Coming to Borderlands?

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox – developer of Borderlands, was asked during his guest appearance in the latest Blog Talk Radio: Kotaku podcast episode about vehicles in Borderlands and why Gearbox decided to use only one type of vehicle in the game.

As part of his answer, Randy Pitchford hinted about future vehicles DLC coming to Borderlands.

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3936d ago
ramon_v3934d ago

as much as i enjoy hearing that "squish," they really need to balance out the original vehicles.

running over things with vehicles is too powerful, killing virtually anything with one hit... yet the huge bazooka canons they wield do about as much damage as a slap and a tickle

umair_s513934d ago

They should re-release Borderlands with all the expansions and fixes

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