First images of Carmack's new engine, EA games to Mac, Steve Jobs live from WWDC 2007

From Engadget:
"Alright, we're here live at WWDC07 for yet another Jobsnote! Looks like things are about to get rolling soon, stay tuned for minute-by-minute updates."

John Carmack:
"So the last couple of years at iD we've been working in secrecy on next-gen tech and a game for it... this is the first time we're showing anything we've done on it publicly." iD Tech 5... "What we've got here is the entire world with unique textures, 20GB of textures covering this track. They can go in and look at the world and, say, change the color of the mountaintop, or carve their name into the rock. They can change as much as they want on surfaces with no impact on the game."

Bing Gordon, CCO and co-founder of EA:
"Next up, got some great news about games: EA, number one publisher of games, is coming back to Mac in a BIG way." Bing Gordon, CCO and co-founder of EA is on stage. "Thank you Steve! I have two teenage daughters... they live on a MacBook. Our CTO lives on a Mac. We're seeing technologies move to Mac... what do they all want (in addition to a new Cinema display?)" Laughter. "They want to see games... we're going to rectify that." New games for Mac: C&C3, Battlefield 2142, NFS Carbon, and in July, Harry Potter (Phoenix). "He needs a wand, unlike Steve Jobs who just uses his imagination." Demo of Harry Potter on a Mac. Looks pretty good.

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ITR4733d ago

20GB's of textures for one screen.

Makes you wonder how big the game is.

It's nice to see Mac's gaming again.

Now on to E3.

TnS4733d ago

I hope the texture is streamed and Carmack's new engine doesn't requires 20 GB of RAM. :)

Lord Anubis4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

**** impression:

Bah, that fits in a cartridge.

The game sucks anyways.


return (sarcasm)

///////////////////////////// //
great to see technology moving forward. it kind of reminds me of LAIR because of the size of a single level and kind of look similar.

BlackIceJoe4733d ago

The graphics look nice. I wonder if this is a racing game. From what I see on the pictures that would be my guess. But I could be wrong though. Also from iD Software in the past there games have been great fun. So I have high hopes this game will be the same.

kewlkat0074733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Reminds me of Mad MAX: Beyound Thunderdome landscape...where water is scarce

MK_Red4733d ago

My God, those pics looks stunning. Looks like CryEngine 2 is getting early retirement... If those games are indeed that big, then helllllllllloooo Blu-Ray.

Vojkan4733d ago

what ever it is, it looks good.

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The story is too old to be commented.