Nintendo Power's top 10 favorite villains

Nintendo Power has revealed their top 10 favorite villains as part of a celebration for their 250th issue.

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Valay3230d ago

I understand why they put Donkey Kong on that list as a villain, but it seems funny anyway. These days, DK hasn't really taken on the role of a villain - He even races alongside Mario in Mario Kart!

George Sears3230d ago

I don't really classify DK as a villain. I guess he was just a bit horny. I would put Kefka at #1. A true full fledged badass FF villain.

n4f3230d ago

of course they put kefka you want them to put a emo crying for his mother and blame people for killing his race yet he kills hes own race(aeris or aerith) beside the only thing bad he did was burning a unimportant village, killing the weakest character in ur party , and saying he will destroy the earth without having the will or guts to do it

whereas kefka, became the most powerful being the earth and change the face of earth forever.whatever you do it wont bring it back to normal, he actually complete his objectives

oh and about dk :i think the donkey Kong they are referring to is dk's grandfather
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