Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Impressions

DualShockers writes:
"Being a car fanatic for the vast majority of my life, I've always kept a keen watch on driving games. When Gran Turismo launched in May of 98, I felt that my life couldn't get any better. Then Gran Turismo 2 showed up which made me realize that the Gran Turismo franchise will always be an evolving franchise with constantly improving graphics, gameplay, and physics. Now, more than 10 years later after the original left me in a gobsmacked heap, GT5 is finally on the horizon."

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taz80803317d ago

This has to be one of the longest games ever in development. Interesting that they chose to keep it just Auto transmission, thought they would open up the demo more to really show it off.

AzarVC3317d ago

They allow you to choose Auto or Manual in the driving options menu, as well as how much Traction control you want. That's pretty much it.

I think they just tried to keep it a level playing field because there is a pretty expensive prize for the winner. I would bet that there will be a more in-depth demo closer to release. We'll see!

villevalorox3317d ago

I'm really impressed with the since of speed, so much better than GT5P

Ninferno3317d ago

yeah it has a great sense of speed

belal3317d ago

because it was no damage...