Sony: Heavy Rain Release Date Coming Really Soon

Sony is set to announce the official Heavy Rain release date for Europe and North America in the coming weeks.

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Hellsvacancy3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

WOT, my Amazon pre-order is 4 26th of Feb, even that IS far 2 long, u watch - Sonys gonna b like "oh its cummin out July" or later then that ill b screwin if they do

I dont wanna hav 2 wait an extra day 4 Heavy Rain "MAKE IT SOONER SONY"

Simon_Brezhnev3227d ago

yeah i pre-ordered it 2. usually amazon has an option about release date delivery but i didnt see it on amazon or even gamestop site.

blitz06233227d ago

It better not be march. I'm already having money problems :(

snipermk03227d ago

Don't ya just love announcements to an announcement? /s

Kain813227d ago

cause they will show new footage of GOW3, than Nomura said that he/SE would show new stuff for FFvs13 early/begining of 2010 and now this, and the other thing is Resistance 3 was not announced at VGAs it think sony is cooking something.

Lifendz3227d ago

Anyone remember that year where FFX, MGS2, and GTA3 came out on PS2? Wasn't that like the best year evarrrr? This feels like that year all over. FFXIII, GOW3, Heavy Rain, and possibly the last guardian.

ZombieAutopsy3227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

dont forget GT5, 3d Dot Heroes, White Knight Chronicles, MAG, and im sure theirs more.

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pimpmaster3227d ago

im pretty shure its not in feb or wed know it by now. if they still havent told us the date now i say its releasing like in august.

Myst3227d ago

Awesome can't wait to see the before chapter(s) of Heavy Rain, glad I pre-ordered that when I did :).

Anyway I thought the release date was grounded in February?

Kamikaze1353227d ago (Edited 3227d ago )

I want to play this game and hopefully I can do so during Spring break =D

I think the announcement will be made in January when they reveal the new GoW footage. They're probably holding some event with info on some of their other games as well.

MattyF3227d ago

That's likely. It was surprising it wasn't made this week, though. Considering the amount of content Sony revealed on the game.

JeepGamer3227d ago

An announcement of an announcement?

Automat3227d ago

i'm announcing something about christmas next week. stay tuned.

Enigma_20993227d ago

... because if they do, there will be blood.

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The story is too old to be commented.