GameSpot: Revenge of the Wounded Dragons Review

If you are at a "been there, done that" stage with side-scrolling fighters, you don't want to bother with Revenge of the Wounded Dragons. But if you have even the tiniest bit of room in your life for a new game that seems a lot like an old friend all snazzied up for a night on the town, this is a good way to get reacquainted with the many fine points of the old-fashioned button-mash beatdown.

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callahan093223d ago

Maybe I'll check it out. I was taken aback at how much I liked Tekken 6's beat-em-up scenario campaign. I had a blast with it, it took me back to old experiences I haven't had since, like, Fighting Force on the PSone (which got similarly bad reviews as Tekken 6's campaign did, but I liked it nevertheless).

jalen2473223d ago

Decent score. Might pick this up once they put it on sale.