Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Patch Now Live

A new patch just went live on PS3 for the top selling game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The patch is set to balance the akimbo 1887s , fix the prestige hack, and fixes the Public "private" match glitch. Xbox 360 and PC patch will be on its way sometime in the near future.

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villevalorox3229d ago

I can confirm that this did not revert the 10th prestige, I guess it only stops people from doing it, So they probably are going to wipe all 10th prestige ppl back to 1 on the 1 lvl.. And that is kinda crap because it's their fault they released an unstable game.

El_Colombiano3229d ago

I can hear the weeping from the mass consumer base losing their hard spent time getting the prestige. Shame.

tman6923229d ago

Balance the akimbo 1887's? Does this mean lessen their power or what? I love going beast with them and it would suck if the range was shortened or something similar to that. But what can you say....

TheIneffableBob3229d ago

1887 range has been shortened.

Quote from a user on SteamPowered forums.
"They are definitely nerfed. I just tried them and if you are more than ~10 feet away, it either wont hit them, or needs a couple of shots."

s8anicslayer3229d ago

I hate those F'in akimbo's, I got blasted so many times when the tango wasn't even pointing in my direction for a hit, I'M GLAD THEY FIXED THAT!

NecrumSlavery3229d ago

200billion dollars in a MS/IW deal, and still PS3 is primary for support? I mean we all know this game is about a reliable as Michael Moore's opinion, but it's still nice to see the PS3 not left in the dust.

PS3: Fixing the Problem
360: Not letting anyone touch their servers, more bannings!

taco_tom2373229d ago

i downloaded the patch and the guns are still very powerful...1 shot kill every time

themyk3229d ago

right one shot kill just like a shotgun should. just not from 55 feet.


i hate me some michael moore.

Information Minister3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

I was playing this game last night and some loser was running around with the akimbo 1887's getting one shot kills from virtually across the map. It was ridiculous and it ruined the fun for everybody else. Those things are just insanely overpowered. They have tremendous and unbalanced range and you don't even have to aim at the enemy to score a kill. If you can see the enemy on the screen just pull the trigger and your shot will cover the entire screen! It's a complete noob's wet dream. I really hope they got it fixed.

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RememberThe3573229d ago

I don't really understand why people are hating on this game so much. It's like they're telling themselves to hate it becuase of Activitions bullshit.

red2tango3229d ago

When I first got it I thought it was the sh1t, and now I find it extremely boring and generic. I'm going to go back to Socom and Uncharted 2.

RememberThe3573229d ago

I hope that doesn't happen to me. That's lame!

But come on, Uncharted 2 is such a damn good game. It's hard not to go back to it.

boodybandit3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

I played MW2 non stop for the first couple weeks. Completed the single player campaign and I prestige once (MP) and got to level 70 again. Now I am bored. I play it less and less every day. All of my friends were on tonight and I bailed on them early. To be honest I didn't even want to play it.

I am starting to play older games again. I wish I would have rented it instead of purchasing it.

themyk3229d ago

i think it's a good game. but it certainly not making me forget about killzone2 thats for sure.

killzone kills this game.

i just finished the campaign today and i thought it was pretty good way short. i beat it in 9.5 hours on veteran. and i was SUUUUUPER let down on the stats they gave at the end. i mean come on man tell me how many times i died. SOMETHING. resistance 2 told you how many bullets you shot how many times you died, how many bullets missed the target hit the target. they had a ton of stats.

this game tells you how long you took. and a percentage of completion. SUPER LAME.

i thought modern warfare 1 had a better campaign. part 1 has a better online i think too.


thats just one mans opinion.

rockleex3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

It felt like I just paid Infinity Ward $60 to throw feces at my face.

Seriously, the developers must have made the single player specifically for retards or something. Ridiculous plot, major plotholes, random gibberish, random missions, very very short, etc.

And whatever happened to the Russian guy?

Then the multiplayer? Lag, hacks, glitches, exploits, unbalanced, stupid map design, etc. And they decided not to do a beta to get rid of all these issues?!?! Especially when they decided to introduce so many new perks and abilities, they KNEW they needed a beta. Especially when most of the hacks are done onto the save files, which is exactly what happened in COD4, yet they did NOTHING to prevent it this time around?

It's simply outrageous.

I was seriously hyped for this game, especially since I loved COD4 so much. Although I hated what Activision was doing, I knew Infinity Ward would still bring me a great experience.

I was wrong... SEVERELY wrong.

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RamiHixxy3229d ago

ohh thank you good thing they fixed the 2 shotguns its so overpowered

-Alpha3229d ago

LOL! That was hilarious. Oh you PC gamers and your holier-than-thou attitude.

jhooty143229d ago

i should have prestige hacked when i could :(

themyk3229d ago

true that man.

cause i don't prestige. or at least i'm not going to. i didn't last on mw2 i prob wont on this one.

i worked too damn hard for the golden guns on mw1 to give'm back lol.

so i just never prestige'd

maybe i should just prestige my way up then work on the golden guns. i just don't see myself playing this game that long.

ahh who cares

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