Bungie Weekly Update: 12/18/09

Bungie writes:

"Reach team dropped a trailer at the Spike TV VGA show last weekend. It was soooooo dreamy.

I sat up all night to watch the reactions on the Internet. Wild scene. Lots of people were (and still are) talking about all the revelations we revealed in total revelatory fashion. All kinds of new questions popped up, too. Was that footage all real time and running in engine? Was that totally the latest and greatest version of the Battle Rifle? Were Bungie's writers under the influence of tequila-soaked Tijuana Mama's when they feverishly dreamed up this new team of never-before-seen Spartans?

It hurts me deep down in my dark and sensitive places that I can't ease everyone's mind with a spate of soothing answers. Not until the latest and greatest version of the current media embargo lifts. I hear that happens early in the New Year. 2010. I'm really looking forward to it. I think my New Year's resolution is definitely gonna be to drop way more Halo: Reach media and information. That would be so great. Or maybe I'll give up candy this year. Though I do love me those little strawberry doodads the Pho place keeps in the bowl by the register. (Root beer flavored candy is excreted from the slimy, brimstone-laden bowels of Hades.)"

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