Bungie reconfirm Halo Reach trailer uses new engine

The Lost Gamer writes "Bungie have today released information regarding the Halo Reach trailer, mainly providing answers regarding whether it was an actual representation of how the final game would look. "

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Mildrop3226d ago

Good to see advances with new game engines for the current console generation.

thereapersson3226d ago

Most of these trolls aren't even going to play the game. Bungie received flak last time around with Halo 3's graphics, and they took those complaints to heart, thus creating the new, updated engine that we see here. I think it looks pretty good, and I'm sure the game will sell millions. No need to be insecure about anything, especially because it's already been established by now that the PS3 should provide you fanboys with something to play.

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starchild3226d ago

Greywulf talking out his you-know-what again, so what's new?

You are full of crap about all of those games, so you are obviously off in la la land.

Gears of War by itself has better graphics than about 98% of all multiplatform and exclusive games, so what really is your point?

Halo 3 didn't run in full 720p? So what? Neither did MGS4 and PS3 fanboys talk like that is some amazing looking game. The reason Halo 3 didn't run in 720p is because of the extremely advanced high dynamic range lighting that it used, not to mention the expansiveness of its environments. It was doing a lot that other shooters don't do. Killzone 2 is extremely linear in comparison and couldn't even manage a co-op mode.

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Saaking3226d ago

Excellent news. Good to know.

starchild3226d ago

Oh please, just stop, Greywulf. You are making yourself look like an idiot.

Kane and Lynch now supposedly looks better than Gears of War 2? Ha ha ha don't make me laugh. What's next, are you guys gonna claim that War Hawk or Resistance looks better than Gears of War 2?

Look, buddy, I don't know how to break it to you, but the only two games that you could even make an argument about looking better than Gears 2 are Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. Everything else on PS3? Don't make me laugh.

Veneno3226d ago

@ Grey

Yeah, I still don't know how anyone can get excited about an extremely uneventful cut-scene. Or, is Halo 4 turning into a TPS of some kind? Maybe an "interactive movie" of some kind? It's going to be a huge let down when the game releases. Comparing it to MGS4, UC2, KZ2? Shoot, Bungie's gonna have to deal with God of War 3, GT5, Heavy Rain, Last Gaurdian, PLUS PS3's unannounced fall line- up! In all honesty, Halo just doesn't stand a chance graphically to the PS3 giants.

likedamaster3226d ago

Get a life Greywolf.

I particularly like Halo 3's style and graphics. Not Gears caliber but then again, Halo 3 looked great in screenshots taken from in-game. And all the features Halo 3 had more than made up for the "decent" graphics. Till this day, no other game has the playback functionality that Halo 3 has. I am totally satisfied with Halo 3. With that said, bring on that beast Halo: Reach.

4Sh0w3226d ago

Reach looks amazing, end of story, its likely going to be the biggest game this year, either way its just a game, sometimes I think we forget to just enjoy our games.

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RememberThe3573226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Since you think that your owning GreyWulf let me clear some of those statements up. He was obviously asking what you meant when saying, "Gears of War by itself has better graphics than about 98% of all multiplatform and exclusive games." He wasn't say the Cain and Lynch looks better then Gears2, but asking if you were referring to C&L or Bioshock type games.

I'm having a hard time believing that you completely missed his point, and it seem like your trying to discredit his argument by ignoring it and trying to make him look stupid.

Even though his tone is rather hostile, he make some good points about how well Killzone 2 run online and how Batmen: AA has passed Gears 2 visually.

@below: That is a good point, I'm not trying to say that Batmen:AA is vastly better looking--or even better looking in general--but that it seems to do some things better. Being that it is a multiplatform game, that is pretty impressive.

Pistolero3226d ago

I don't think Batman AA looks better than Gears of War 2...I think it is the other way around....Batman AA doesn't run quite as smoothly as Gears 2 and the textures and other effects aren't quite on the same level as Gears 2 either....but it makes sense because Epic know their engine better than anybody.

we won3226d ago

It looks better than anything on PS3 Now go, your damage control is pathetic.

IdleLeeSiuLung3226d ago

"As for whether this can be what fans can expect from the title when it releases next year, they continue “This trailer absolutely represents our visual bar for the final game and is near identical to what you’ll see next Fall. The single biggest difference between this trailer and the final game will be the extra generous amount of anti-aliasing (the smoothing of “jaggies” or edges of pixels) present in what you’re watching right now but rest assured that Reach will be significantly improved in this department compared to Halo 3."

I'm so looking forward to 2010! We start off with Mass Effect 2 in Januaray, then Splinter Cell:Convcition in February, then FFXIII in March, then Alan Wake in May!

Just enough time to catch a breather and then the biggest bomb of the year, Halo:Reach!

That's not to mention other multi-plats like Lost Planet 2 and Bioshock 2. Not to mention Natal! That is like the best gaming year!

heroprotagonist3226d ago

2010 is shaping up to be a killer year indeed and it is starting it off with a bang with Mass Effect 2 and then ending with another huge bang in the form of Halo Reach.

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heroprotagonist3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Hey guys, remember those leaked screenshots? Well, I think they compare pretty well to what was shown in the trailer and really show promise for the game. It looks like some of the landscape textures and geometry were just placeholders since it was an early build but you can clearly see the jump up in graphics.
Check out the gun model. Looks nice.

Shepherd 2143226d ago

My bad, i forgot graphics make games fun, guess i never had fun with halo 3. sorry bout that, i really am.

DelbertGrady3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

As a reminder I'd also like to reconfirm that it will be the biggest FPS of 2010. Just so you know ;)

beardpapa3226d ago

I agree with Soda. When Reach lands, definitely will be the biggest fps in 2010. Can't wait to see badass skull spartan in action.

bjornbear3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

yeah lets just assume that without knowing what OTHER games are coming out in 2010 =P

presumptuous fanboys -_-

it will be huge...but biggest? Lets wait before some of us look like fools ;)

trancefreak3225d ago

I wonder if bungie is using halo reach game engine for other xbox games after they are threw with halo reach. Im sure its their tech to be used im assuming.

one thing that really impressed me was the metal objects in the trailer. From structures armor and spartan gear looked really nice and clean.

The leaked footage with the gun gameplay looked nice as well this game is looking sweet.

bpac1234567893225d ago

There was nothing overly impressive about the halo reach trailer. I've seen everything that "trailer" did done much better in other games during "gameplay." The first time i saw it i knew it had to be in game because it didn't look good enough to be CGI.

beardpapa3225d ago


dude.. 2010. biggest FPS. We know what other games are out, but you know Reach is gonna be a huge FPS in 2010. What other FPS can you think of that will be "bigger" and "badder" than Reach? MAG? No one cares about MAG but people that wanna brag about 200+ whatever players.

An FPS ain't just about the multiplayer. It's gotta have the story, gameplay, multiplayer, and the feeling of being epic to make it good and that's what a lot of the Halo games have had since CE.

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we won3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

The trailer was obviously shocking but not quite on the level of current CGI tech such as the CGI used in Halo Wars. The fact People did not, and still will not execpt what was shown in the trailer as, not only inengine but part of a cutscene that was ingame just proves how advanced the X-engine is(*X* because it does not have a name, I don't know if it's the new inhouse 360 engine but it's new)

I guess this explains why PS3 fanboys were using the lack of jaggies as proof(excuse) the trailer was CGI, in their minds. My prediction is no one will come in here or read this statement made by the devs but the next blog article saying it was a CGI or it won't look like that! will be flooded with haters.

Anyways. You know you are doing something right as a developers when fanboys of you own product(halo fanboys) were fighting about the trailer on Halo forums and made PS3 fans seem well mannered when it comes to pessimistic criticism.

snipermk03226d ago

Yes, shocking indeed that it still managed to look like Halo 3.5 even after an engine update.

The real killer3226d ago

If the hardware not powerful as the PS3, developers never get the same result what we see in Killzone 2/Uncharted 2 and many more games like GT5 or upcoming Killzone 3 even they have very good engine, Halo reach looks nice but pass graphics like Killzone 2 will never happened

lowcarb3226d ago

Please stop praising KZ2. The game honestly does not look that good. Reach is going to give you guys another npd november shock moment.

FlameBaitGod3226d ago

another guy who plays sales instead of games ^^^^^^^^^^^

Xi3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I take that as a good thing since most people say that halo 3 is halo 2.5.

Which means that halo reach is a full jump from halo 3.

lowcarb3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I wasn't talking about sales.

edit remember below: Once again that's not what I meant in my comment.

RememberThe3573226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

No one is going to be shocked when a Halo game sells millions. And the fact that people still can't admit that Killzone 2 looks better then the 2005 CGI trailer is very telling.

EDIT: @above, then why else did you bring up the NPD? Last time I checked they report sales.

@we won: I personally wasn't blown away by the trailer. I was more exited when I saw ODST for the first time. It looks good, no doubt, but anyone in their right mind could tell you it wasn't CGI. Frankly, this is what Halo 3 should have looked like back in 2007.

starchild3226d ago

Anybody that claims that Killzone 2 looks better than its 2005 "target" CGI trailer is blind, plain and simple, and doesn't have a clue about how to judge game graphics. The CGI trailer had a much higher level of graphical fidelity, in terms of lighting, geometric complexity, texture detail, everything. How this myth persists in the minds of PS3 fanboys is beyond me.

RememberThe3573226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Killzone 2 has better lighting then the trailer and more going on on-screen. Although it does have more texture issues (which makes sense as that it has to run real time) and the smoke doesn't look quite as good.

Me not agreeing with you does not make me blind.

Here's a more detailed version of what I'm trying to say. Written by another apparently blind person.


el zorro3226d ago

Well u know what, I think that mario 64 looks better than Uncharted 2 and you have to respect me because its my opinion. /s

IdleLeeSiuLung3225d ago

That is quite a compliment to Halo 3!

prabx3225d ago

Giving RememberThe357 disagrees for saying KZ2 didn't pass the CGI trailer is just fanboyism at its highest!

SaberEdge3225d ago

No, I would say that it's fanboyism at its highest to say that Killzone 2 surpassed a high quality CGI render. THAT'S fanboyish. Killzone 2 looks good, but not that good.

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Serjikal_Strike3226d ago


maybe because some people were left a little disappointed with the trailer?

Bnet3433226d ago

No because some idiots thought it was CG, even though it didn't look that good to be CG.

emk20043226d ago

there was bearly a upgrade in graphics whats the uproar.

starchild3226d ago

"barely an upgrade in graphics"...uh yeah sure, fanboy, whatever you say.

This is the kind of off the wall delusional nonsense that makes people dislike fanboys. What was shown of Halo Reach is easily some of the best graphics we have seen on consoles. How close it sticks to that for gameplay is another matter entirely.

Veneno3226d ago


what iis off the wall none-sense is to say that the Halo reach trailer is representative of gameplay. I have no doubt that the cut scenes will look like that. You have to start listening to PS3 players more. We play the best-looking of this generation and therefore are the best judges of graphics.

Pistolero3226d ago came from the ps2 which had the worst graphics last you are easily impressed by anything on the both consoles and then you will see that most games on the ps3 are just average looking.

3sq3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Bungie reconfirms their lies fixed*

Edit: Below nah it's just another bs from ms and bugie. They just released odst and there is no way they could create a newer and better engine within a few months. If they could, they would have already done that on odst.

Edit again: "I love watching people who are blinded by denial and jealousy. KZ2 is a good game but Reach looks better, sorry fanboys but I live in the real world"

If you live in the real world you would know they lied to you again and again and you're calling yourself living in a real world? LOL looks who's blinded in denial here. You just got owned by your own words. LOL

The real killer3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

So, is this the mighty X-Engine from Microsoft what they blabbing about it?

Budg3tG4m3r3226d ago

I love watching people who are blinded by denial and jealousy. KZ2 is a good game but Reach looks better, sorry fanboys but I live in the real world.

MerkinMax3226d ago

ODST was developed by a small team at Bungie at the same time Reach was being developed by a much larger team. Reach has been in production for a while. Speaking with ignorance makes you look like an a$$.

starchild3226d ago

To be honest, 3sq, it does sound like you are the one living in a fantasy land.

el zorro3226d ago

They have been working on the engine since halo 3 and they said that "This trailer absolutely represents our visual bar for the final game and is near identical to what you’ll see next Fall."

I trust their word far above the word of a butthurt fanboy. I know the graphics won't look that smooth during gameplay but they will be close enough to be amazing.

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