Microsoft Patent Targets Fat Gamers?

A new patent filing from Microsoft appears to be targeting the overweight gamer. Details outlined in the patent suggest limiting game time and reflecting avatar appearances in games based on data either supplied by the gamer or some kind of health database among others.

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mrv3213225d ago


Stop advertising fast food will be a better start.

Elven63225d ago

All companies even Microsoft take offers from fast food corporations, but that is a horrible photoshop...

The idea sounds interesting, a Natal Fit is what I think. The Wii already does something similar, this will just make the visual side of things a bit more "accurate".

Government Cheese3225d ago

Yeah, the dashboard doesn't even look like that. Let alone there are no ads in those areas.

Darkstorn3225d ago

We just need to more readily regulate fast food advertising. The obesity problem correlates with misinformation about nutrition. Raising awareness is an effective - and relatively cheap - way to get people to add balance to their lives.

Timesplitter143225d ago

No more Xbox for you, Gabe Newell

RockmanII73225d ago

Though constant ESPNEWS feed at bottom would be awesome, that looks sooo fake and some PS3 only owners might think that's true.

Thats what the ad page looks like. One click up and it's over (Plus ad page is usually free promo-stuff).

Solidus187-SCMilk3225d ago

It uses natal to track fat people doing things like jumping jacks.

lightningsax3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

If that old study rings true, you've got older, fatter, depressed people playing more games, and Microsoft is deciding to... what... make fat older people more depressed through their avatars?

There are a few alternatives to losing weight in order to make your avatar look thinner. The most desirable of these alternatives is to never worry about how a stupid avatar looks. This also saves you money, as a history of buying crap for your avatar is a much worse sign of cerebral degeneration than a few extra pounds on your bum.

However, I see the point if it's part of a larger fitness game for the system. Makes sense, I guess, since the audience playing that game is probably the audience I'm referring to in my second paragraph.

Bigpappy3225d ago

Natal can see who fat you are for your hight and customize you workout. It makes sense to try and help people figure out how much is too much when doing fitness. The game may even recommend what type of exercises will benefit certain body types. THis could interest a lot of people. Most people in the U.S. are over weight.

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syrinx3225d ago

Agreed :) Interesting though. Looks like Xbox Fit could be on the cards. God I hope not!

Maticus3225d ago

Well it is true that sitting around playing computer games isn't what the human body was designed for. I wish it was though :(

Xulfxulf3225d ago

Finally, a gaming company knows their audience! The avatar should come with WoW flavor Mt. Dew and Cheetos.

ActionBastard3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Well hell, Greenburg is in's his ego.

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