IGN: Five Reasons We're Excited for Infinite Space

This year MadWorld was the only Wii exclusive that received a 9 from IGN. Bayonetta will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in just a couple weeks and it already received a perfect score from Famitsu in Japan. What do these two titles have in common? They were both developed by Platinum Games, the studio that rose from the ashes of Okami developer Clover. This is a group of people that knows how to make great games.

That's just one of the reasons IGN is excited for Infinite Space, the Nintendo DS space opera set for release next year. It will be a bit of a departure for Platinum -- while the developer is known for its intense action games, Infinite Space is a slower paced role-playing affair with turn-based battles.

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mrv3213321d ago

The new super smash brothers recieved a 9.4 so that argument regarding the 9.0 is flawed... personally Mad World looks like a fantastic and so does Palinetta to be honet. I still do not FULLY understand the buissness with famitsu perfect score.

fan_of_gaming3321d ago

came out in 2008, so the author is correct that Madworld was the only one in 2009.

Godmars2903321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

Makes me want to buy a DS!

Where the f*ck are the starship sims for consoles? Airbird Force! Legend of Galactic Heroes! PS1! Even the freaking Galaxy Angels had several freaking titles! Is it too hard to make a version for the PS3 or PSN!


Godmars2903321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

I'm sure the pod people will come for me tonight...

3321d ago
Blaster_Master3320d ago

I still think Armada for the Dreamcast is the best space ship shooter ever created. They were supposed to make a part 2 but it never happened. :(

Godmars2903320d ago

Google. You might be surprised at what you find...

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