Gamefly Offers 2 Months for the Price of 1

"This weekend, sign up for Gamefly rental service, and get two months for the price of one!

- $7.98 (first 2 Months) - 1 Game out
- $11.48 (first 2 Months) - 2 Games out

This offer is runs from Friday (12/18) - Sunday (12/20) ONLY!"

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spaceinvader3225d ago

how is their east coast distribution? I am in Georgia...

Enate3225d ago

I'm in North Carolina it takes me about 3 days to get my games but that doesn't mean it will take you that long. I have a friend who also lives in NC an a lot of the times she gets hers in two instead. It just depends I love gamefly though.

3214d ago