IGN: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers Review

IGN writes: "It's not often we see games that are four and a half years in the making, at least not this side of the HD era. As one of the first titles announced for Nintendo Wii back in 2005, Square's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers is obviously a seriously anticipated adventure with a lot to prove. Over the years the traditional Crystal Chronicles design was tossed out, swapping in a pure adventure feel for what was a four player co-op hack n' slash RPG, and putting a larger emphasis on a futuristic world after the pretty impactful events in the century that followed the original GameCube game's story. Unfortunately, while Crystal Bearers treads new ground and brings all the expected Square elements to the table, it's also a game that's ultimately devoid of a solid base and some much-needed polish."

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AEtherbane3278d ago

*worlds smallest violin*

Noctis Aftermath3278d ago

Even though it's IGN giving the review, most reviewers are giving this game very unimpressive scores, a bit disappointing since it was looking really good.

tunaks13278d ago

IGNs reviews these days are so alienated compared to other reviews,
for example their MW:R score is the lowest compared to reviews by credible sources.
And now this. I dunno IGN is changing to a decent review site to a mediocre fanboy flamebait site.

i give IGN and their new attitude a 6.2/10

Cheeseknight283278d ago

Like how they gave Conduit and Madworld high praise compared to other reviewers?

Look, we know you hate IGN. But your proof isn't working.

Mahr3278d ago

"Like how they gave Conduit and Madworld high praise compared to other reviewers?"

I haven't heard anything about the latter, but isn't it generally accepted that The Conduit's score probably had something to do with the fact that it included IGN personnel, including the actual reviewer, in its credits?

tunaks13278d ago

they gave both Conduit and Madworld unusually higher then other sites,
i like both games, but IGN is usually out of sync with there reviews recently.
well see when i pick up they game, i heard that some GameStops have started selling the game, until then demon souls and NMH well keep me company.

quantumriian3278d ago

haha, thank you for that.

Shnazzyone3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Mark Bozon has really had it in for wii games lately. He gave a crummy score to reflex and I love the crap out of that. Now I have to buy this purely because it's another Bozon review where he wants to act all big and tough on wii games. He's losing alot of credibility with me and i'mn starting to think, from all the whining he is doing on wii controls these days, that there might be an issue with his wiimote or sensor bar placement.

Last podcast he claimed it was impossible on reflex to do simple pixel to ixel cursor adjustments on reflex. I attempted what he claimed was impossible and by george i found that my cursor was able to move pixel to pixel on the screen with little effort. Though who knows. Most outlets are on a little wii hate parade lately. At least Nintendo Power and famitsu gave it an 8.. i'll go by their numbers, buy it and probably still love it.

Feels like good wii games are getting shaft scores this year. I am starting to make a rule to add 1.5 to every wii score to get an accurate idea of the score... but that's just me.

Seferoth753278d ago

I do the same thing myself actually.

AEtherbane3278d ago

But when nobody (or at least only one person) has given this game the highest score of an 8.... well, you can arfue that. But remember, reviews look at games much differently than the player. We play games to have fun, we dont critique and analyze everything we do. However, when it comes to IGN reviews, I think there Wii reviews are the least skewewd.

hatchimatchi3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


great post


3278d ago
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