ModNation Racers Beta Codes Up for Grabs

" is giving away ModNation Racers Beta Codes that Sony has just blessed them with. It is very simple to receive one of these beta codes, so if you are not currently in the beta and own a PS3, what are you waiting for?"

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Nick2120043278d ago

If you do not have a code yet, BE SURE to check out I have played the beta for about 2 hours today and am HIGHLY impressed.

odisho683278d ago

just got the beta code as an email...can't wait to try it out tonight

mrv3213278d ago

How does the driving control... it's something you can't see well on video, I am impressed by what I've seen of the map maker. I've seen someone take ten minutes making a track which looks like proper work.

Also the autopopulate is it random or for example if you have layout x will the autopopulate be the same every time if the lay out is the same.

This is by far the coolest thing I've heard and risen my hype level 10 fold, now I've gotten confirmation of MCR.

Did you find the intro good? I laughed out loud I hope the rest of the game is like this.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

The stupid site won't send me an account verification email >:(

I just looked at a PS Blog and they've had a ton of codes up since 5:30 but somehow one of them wasn't taken! I entered in some starting from the bottom up and one finally worked! Even after 4 hours one random one in the middle of the list was still not taken! I said to myself "One more try" and that one worked :D

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

"How does the driving control..."

I was a little disappointed in the handling of the karts (they tend to overreact to your steering inputs) but I adjusted to it after a while.

*Ok, I just went and played the game again for a few minutes, and the feel of the karts is different (better) than when I played last night.
Very cool.

I just wish the online was working.

iceman063277d ago

Got my code from my Qore subscription yesterday. To answer your questions. First, the kart handling is a little it takes a lap or two to get used to. After about 3 minutes, I was controlling pretty effortlessly. The intro was quite entertaining. It would be cool if there were commentary during actual races. The auto-populate feature is awesome. It seems to be random, yet specific to the type of track that you are making. You won't find snowy mountains trees being thrown on a desert track. I made a completely believable track in less than ten minutes (I didn't save it, because I actually want to put some effort into a real track). Hope you get a code and enjoy it...cuz it is great fun!

mrv3213277d ago

I'm in Europe so no chance of a code... just tons of youtube videos of people crashing every 6 seconds because they are busy looking at the camera and not the track.

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Nick2120043278d ago

It is definitely something to look forward to!

Myst3278d ago

Well looks like this will be my next stop to see if I can snag a beta code. :/

xg-ei8ht3278d ago

Could someone give me a spare code please!!!!

Really want to try this out.


ZombieNinjaPanda3278d ago

Ugh, register on another site..tweet them..then comment them.

Christ why is it so hard to get these damn betas lately? Bad enough Sony had to rub it in my face with a damn theme. Now all these sites are having us do such annoying things just to get a damn little code.

ShiNe-Box-3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Try following the PS blog.

The developer was giving out about 30 codes every hour or so.

I tried entering about 20 codes before I finally got one that worked though. :p

mxrider23278d ago

i would like to no wat site it is pls

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