IGN: Raising the Spirits of Metal Gear: Rising

With the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, it appeared that Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions were finally closing the book on their epic franchise. By all accounts, that was accurate – to a degree: the Solid Snake/Liquid Snake storyline, which has essentially raged for ten years across Sony's various PlayStation systems has truly been concluded. Old Snake won't go out on any other adventures, there isn't another brother hiding in the wings, and the Patriots have finally been stopped.

But that doesn't mean that the Metal Gear Solid Franchise is dead by any means.

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King Hippo3229d ago

It ended with 4 so I don't care about any prequels or spinoffs from now on (especially if it's some spinoff with an emo character that nobody likes and isn't even directed by Kojima. Seems like a joke story to me).

ZBlacktt3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

No Snake(s) no care. I've been deep into this game since Dec 1998. Throughout that time we have all grown to love the saga. It's been about Snake(s) and that's were it will end for me. This if Kojima decides to not use Snake anymore. It was odd enough to sit there and play Raiden 70% of the way through MGS2. Metal Gear with Snake is playing a legend. Using another player other then Snake is just not even conceivable to play and think Metal Gear at all. I wouldn't ask Robin to come in and take over Batman's shoe's. Neither should Kojima of Raiden and expect fans of the series to just be ok with it. Thanks for the long and wonderful 11 years Kojima. It would truly be sad if it does end with no more Snakes.

WildArmed3229d ago

hey now. we still have Peace Walker. Kojima still loves us :)
He won't abandon the MGS franchise.
So MG'S'.. aka Metal Gear Solid.. fans no fear. Kojima is still working on the snake universe on one platform or another :)

note: 'us' n 'we' = Old school Metal Gear fans

ZBlacktt3229d ago

lol, yeah. If I was a hardcore PSPer I'd be pumped! We did buy our two daughter's each a PSP. So I could still get it and play it daily :D I just might do that to get my snake fix for the meantime, lol.

Batzi3229d ago

My personal thought about Rising is that it's going to be one of the best games of all time and probably the best Metal Gear game to come since 1987. That's just a guess but I will wait until E3 2010 to make my final verdict.