'Mass Effect 3' Will End Story Arc

It's no secret that "Mass Effect 3" will be be the third chapter of a trilogy and that BioWare wants "Mass Effect 2" to be the "Empire Strikes Back" of that trilogy. It now looks like that trilogy may end with a more definitely finale than previously mentioned, however, concluding both the trilogy's story arc and continuity.

"'Mass Effect 3' will be easier because we don't have to worry about the continuity into the next one," the series' project director Casey Hudson said at a recent press event.

Hudson may just be talking about the story's characters like Commander Shepard, Joker and Admiral David Anderson, but his comment does invite theories about what BioWare hopes to do with the series after "ME3," if anything at all. Whatever the case may be, his team has be thrilled about the prospects of reaching their third-chapter conclusion.

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SilverSlug3279d ago

One reason I was disappointed with the first one. It felt like one step into the game, then its over. Like Final Fantasy, each game finishes their arcs and don't force you to buy 2 other games to continue the same story.

GameOn3279d ago

I was happy with the amount story of Mass Effect 1 and I felt it was properly concluded. I did want more but all good games should leave you like that and thank god the ending was akin to Halo 2 or rainbow 6: Vegas.