Pokémon CEO: Pokémon to Drive Nintendo to Victory

He's certainly not an unbiased source, but Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of The Pokémon Company, believes that Pokémon will play a deciding role in the console race. The notion is certainly not unreasonable, as Pokémon is still as hot as ever today. It's the second most successful video game franchise in the world (behind only Mario) and the most recent Pearl and Diamond games on DS absolutely dominated the April charts with over 1.75 million copies sold.

"The hardware which has Pokémon on it will be the winner," declared Ishihara to GameSpot.

It's not always easy for a game franchise to go on for ten years or more without feeling somewhat stale, but Pokémon continues to have great longevity.

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Diselage4780d ago

I don't think i would want my company known as the house that Pokemon built. Just doesn't seem right ya know.

ItsDubC4780d ago

Just a SLIGHT hint of arrogance, but I guess it's viable if Pokemon is indeed the 2nd most successful videogame franchise in the world. I just don't see it being the sole factor in deciding which console will be the "winner." Then again, I've never played a Pokemon game so I'm probably biased.

GuardianEarth4780d ago

I'm sorry but that statement's absolutely ridiculous.

Pokemon helps, but it's not what'll lead Nintendo to "victory". Not by a long shot. Especially with Mario Galaxy, Prime 3, Strikers Charged and Smash Brawl.

PS360WII4780d ago

It's a great franchise that made a whole lot of money. I'm just not certain that it's the way one would win a console 'war'. If that were true then Nintendo would of been #1 10 years running.

kewlkat0074780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

and GBA, that kept Nintendo Afloat just after SNES who knows where they might of been right now.

Everybody and their Mama were hooked on Pokemon/GB color/advanced. You had all types of colors too for Pokemon games. Of course there are some new Cartoons that have become major hit with young gamers, like yugi, naruto and all the other card-like games, also out there.

This is what Nintendo is good at. Well catering to at least this types of niches.

Yeah I'm not sure about claiming Victory with this franchise, but it will sell DS's and all sorts of other software.

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The story is too old to be commented.