ModNation Racers Beta Now Open! Voucher Giveaway Starts Today

Posted by Ramone Russell // Community Manager, SCEA San Diego Studios

Everyone at United Front Games and SCEA are extremely excited to finally put the game in your hands. I'm here to give everyone a quick peek into some of the features and content available in the ModNation Racers PS3 public beta.

In short we are giving you the ability to race, share, download, remix, rate, and most importantly create. Everyone with a beta code will have our state of the art creation tools at your finger tips. We're absolutely stoked to see the Tracks, Mods, and Karts the beta community will create.

The public beta will include three tracks from the full game Farm Frenzy, Market Run and Sandstorm. There are a couple of race options included in the beta as well. In addition to playing online with up to 12 players, you can compete for the best lap times in Time Trial.

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Parapraxis5097d ago

I just got my code today, I cannot wait for this game! DL'ing now.
Been a while since I've played a great Kart racing game (played a lot of Crash Team Racing and even more Super Mario Kart in my day).

I really hope this one delivers, it sure looks like it will.
I'm even looking forward to getting my paws on the track editor, which is unusual for me.

NotSoSilentBob5097d ago

Took me half an hour to make my first track and it was about 90% full on the meter bar.

WildArmed5097d ago

the game is great.
Kinda like the banjo racing game that came out on DS.
(ofc to the power of Create,play, share)
beta is pretty fun. See ya online

hay5097d ago

It looks great and is fun as hell, highly recommended.

mrv3215097d ago

I am not defending the game, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's just a limit they put on to keep hosting down. Personally it's nothing to do with size making maps... it's all to do with objects and how you manage them.

How does it control?

Rumor5097d ago

i didnt get in...... BUT I GOT THIS COOL THEME!! /sarcasm


mrv3215097d ago

Did you buy the LBP GOTY edition or just apply because if it was the latter then be greatful you got a theme.

meepmoopmeep5097d ago

it has lots of potential & i hope the beta replies help them reach that

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Karum5097d ago

I got my code delivered to my EU PSN email after registering on the Modnation website. In order to download the demo though I've had to use my US PSN account to redeem it. Downloading now (60% done) and hopefully I can use my EU account to play the game cuz I have no friends on the US account lol.

5097d ago
sashimi5097d ago

I am so jealous of you guys in the beta but i guess unless i somehow get my hands on a beta code i'll have to wait til next year. Have fun guys :)

TheDeadMetalhead5097d ago

I don't suppose you have another one, do you? D:

frotacular5097d ago

Aww man. I was too late. Meh. Lucky for you guys in the beta. Hope its fun.