NVIDIA: AMD's DirectX 11 leadership "insignificant"

NVIDIA expressed last week at an investor event that their rival's short-term leadership in DirectX 11 was "insignificant" in the broader picture.

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Farmhand3319d ago

no, well, until yours are out stop talking smack. oh and by the way, your cards are late to the party, I know b/c I have been looking for them!!

Noctis Aftermath3319d ago

How long is it going to take them to join the party? they are just giving the market to AMD on a silver plate at the moment.

Kakkoii3318d ago

Try reading the last line:

"in the broader picture".

Nvidia is bringing out a whole new architecture this time, and quite an advanced one at that. Whereas ATI is still using the same arch it's been using since the 2000 series. So obviously Nvidia is going to be a bit late this time. And ATI's new architecture isn't coming out until late 2011.

In the grand scheme of things DX11, it's all good. There aren't enough DX11 games out yet for it to matter much. So Nvidia is safe releasing in Jan/Feb. As most of the good stuff will start coming out in the mid of 2010 and beyond.

CrippleH3318d ago

They are making the same mistakes as AMD did when the 8800 GTX was out on the market.

Kakkoii3318d ago

Care to elaborate CrippleH?

zag3318d ago

The ATI chip is also a completely new design as well.

The current 5870 single chip card will beat a ASUS Mars which is a twin GTX295 chip card.

The ATI card can run crysis at 1920x1200 with 2xAA at ultra high settings and still pull a soild 30FPS.

ATI have also just released the 5890 which is the twin chip version which just makes current benchmarks silly to bother with.

Anyway - the single chip does 21818 in 3DMark 06
and P17011 in 3DMark Vantage

This alone blows away all the old high end cards out there for miles.

Kakkoii3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

@zag: The ATI 5000 series is not a new architecture haha. It's basically two 4000 series chips merged together. ATI has stated that their new architecture is coming in 2011. The 5000 series is not a new architecture. Learn more about the subject your talking about before spouting claims like that. Every new generation of cards is not a new architecture. ATI's last new architecture was the HD 2000 series. And Nvidia's was the 8000 series.

And the ASUS Mars doesn't have two GTX295's in it. It has two GTX 285's, which are single chip GPU's. GTX 295's have two GTX 285's in them. Basically the Mars is a GTX 295, with a lot more memory and higher clocks.

Kakkoii3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

Oh, and I don't know what reviews you've been reading, but the 5870 doesn't beat a GTX 295. It's beats the single GPU GTX 285's sometimes, but not always.

And this is against Nvidia's now old generation compared to ATI's new 5000 series generation. Come Jan/Feb Nvidia will be taking the performance crown back.

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NotSoSilentBob3319d ago

Maybe if they spent money on developing their cards instead of physixs and putting their name on games with Ment to be played, they might actually have room to talk about something that is "insignificant".

Kakkoii3318d ago

Oh yeah.. Cause a whole new architecture is made without funding right?

Nvidia spends way more on just their architecture/card development than AMD spends on everything they develop combined.

free2game3653318d ago

Nevermind they actually spend money to help developers.

Perkel3318d ago

@ KAkkoi

"Nvidia spends way more on just their architecture/card development than AMD spends on everything they develop combined. "

and still is equal sometimes better sometimes worse. Where this money goes eh ? :>

mortalrage3319d ago

I'm starting to feel the lack of leadership from Nvidia is becoming significant.

darkequitus3319d ago

What else was the CEO going to say to the Nvidia investors, LOL.

Syaz13318d ago

AMD: NVIDIA's PhysX gimmick "insignificant"

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