The Agency preview with new concept art

"We've historically been very much in the men-in-tights genre, a lot of guys running around in [sic] broadswords. But now we're looking at a broader genre," said Sony Pictures Digital boss Yair Landau about subsidiary Sony Online Entertainment in February. "We've started to immerse ourselves in the world of espionage... We think it's okay if you have MMOs where you wear tuxedos and carry a silencer, not just tights and a mace."

The game to which Landau was referring, The Agency, was announced today for PC as well as PlayStation 3, a system that has so far had only a small few massively multiplayer announcements. In May, SOE held a Gamer Day event at which it unveiled the game with members of its SOE Seattle development team. Though no hands-on coverage was given, with the game not expected to ship until at least next year, Shacknews was able to get a sense of the game' fundamental concepts and goals from lead designer Hal Milton.

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ngg123454733d ago

For this game. Want to this how this game looks before I buy it.

ch_ymh4733d ago

The pictures seem to remain at PS2 level, I think.

fenderputty4733d ago

Either that, or your memory jogged.

TnS4733d ago

These are concept images and they are very nice in my opinion.

Silvanos4733d ago

Can't wait to see more of this title.