Final Fantasy VIII Hits PSN, People Complain It's Not VII Again

Final Fantasy VIII is the universal underdog of Square Enix's beloved franchise. The overlooked RPG, which is virtually unable to be spoken of without being compared to Final Fantasy VII, is hitting the PlayStation Network today.

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koehler833321d ago

It's not about being compared to FFVII. It's about coming out after FFVII and sucking.

It's unprecedented to have a PS1 classic release not be rerated by the ESRB. That's pretty cool. I means we may be able to expect other surprises in the future.

WildArmed3321d ago

In my book FFVIII>> FF7.
Ofc, by that logic every game after FF6 sucked..since that was the best final fantasy since =/

Noctis Aftermath3321d ago

Damn i thought they released FFVII - 2.

PLAYstar3319d ago

FFVIII owned 7 in my honest opinion! Not only was the graphix and CGI miles better than 7, the storyline is amazing as well. The only complain about it was that the game is just too simple comparable to the series.

GameGambits3319d ago

I really want Xenogears, Alundra, and Suikoden 2. I know Japanese PSN has those and I'd love to play them all---especially Xenogears. That game is pure awesome.

Make it happen Square. :D

vhero3319d ago

It came out on Thursday this articles way old..

lordgodalming3319d ago

I thought FFIX was the red-headed stepchild that everyone moaned about (before XII at least).

Whatever. They're all awesome.

NewNameNow3319d ago

Legend of Dragoon anyone?

blackpanther253319d ago

the gameplay was straight up horrible to me. At one point i just gave trying to draw out magic. They gave a retarded amount of summons in that...i was spamming summons from the beginning of the game. the limits was lame cause it only worked when you were below a certain amount of HP and the monsters auto leveled with you.

Overall the game was good but gameplay killed it for me.

Hellsvacancy3319d ago

I love Final Fantasy 8, couldnt get in2 7, didnt like 9, loved X, HATED X-2, didnt like 12, dont like the looks of 13 but think Versus 13 looks SICK - day 1 4-me

Im buyin a US PSN-Card so i can buy FF8 off the US Store as us in the EU keep gettin shafted

theEnemy3319d ago

Final Fantasy VII = Overrated.

In My Humble Opinion.

syanara3319d ago

OMG LEGEND OF DRAGOON WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! they NEED that at the PS Store its one of my favorite games ever!

ceedubya93319d ago

Is what pulled me into the series. I enjoyed it more than 7, personally.

Megaton3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

In my opinion, the PS1 FF's go like this...


ThanatosDMC3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

FF8 > FF7 to me, but then again i played FF8 first and i am biased about it.

Anyway, I got Lionheart on Disk 1. You need to have Squall less than lv 20, 20 Elfvoret cards, 1 Minotaur Card, and Kill Grendels in that forest for Dragon Fangs.

Yes, im one of those who got pissed at Rinoa and killed her when Adel was sucking her life to heal.

FF7numbaone3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Its funny the guy with the drake avatar says ffvii is overrated, lol people say about uncharted. As for the ffvii fans sorry your favorite games isn't as popular has 7. You ask most ff fans I doubt the they want anything but ffvii remade.

I a lot you "gamers" "rpgs fans" need to stop envying, ffvii success, fine you don't like it but most do. Get over it.'

I wont even go in the ways ff7 is better than ff8 or vice versa.

Shot out to LOD fans.

Alvadr3319d ago

I always thought FFVIII was loads better than VII. Im going to get alot of disagrees but I dont care, im entitled to my opinion.

VII is good, but waaaayyy over rated. I never understood why people get so wet for it.

Skip_Bayless3319d ago

I like 7,8, and 9 equally.
7 was for the space action
8 was for the mature romantic story
9 was for the fairytale

All of them are better than 10.

barom3319d ago

I love FFVIII and I love FFXII. I have no idea why FF fans has so much trouble with them. Those are my favorite FF games (love FFXII most though).

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theusedfake3321d ago

I actually liked VIII more than VII(VII is amazing also), the only thing that I didn't really care for was having to draw magic from everything.

Chris3993321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

The junction system was a hindrance, but the graphics, cast, summons, cutscenes (one even with Jpop music - an unprecedented first), opera music, and solid, adult love-story (not like the unrealized one in VII; sorry it just never went anywhere, Cloud and Aeris kinda like each other then she dies, lame) were remarkable for their time.

That and Ultemicia/ Edna were pretty over the top villains. Oh, and the last boss had FOUR incarnations. I have yet to see that topped in a game. Very satisfying and epic battle. RE: 2 was close with it's mutating end boss, but even that only had two or three forms.

Four fights! Still can't get over that. This is my favorite FF by far. Playing it on my PSP as we speak! Such wonderful nostalgia. And the game has held up really well for being 10 years old.

Noctis Aftermath3321d ago

I just could not get into FF8, the characters bored me, i think zell(that his name?) was the only exception, and the art style was terrible.

TapiocaMilkTea3319d ago

Yeah, I remember the last boss fight you actually get to use all your characters, it kinda switches in between, and it took a very long time. The game was clearly pushing PSOne capabilities, I was amazed they can play rerendered CGs in the background while having in game characters running around at the same time, something new at the time.

Tony P3321d ago

I liked the game. Only two major things wrong with it imo:

Junction = overpowered
Irvine = Silly, nonsensical, plot-breaking character

Still, I'd play.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3321d ago

hughjazz44: Friday, December 18, 2009 at 02:05 PM

Why would you spam Guardian Forces, when you could easily beat ANY enemy by junctioning 100 Ultima to Squall's attack stat, and junctioning Bahamut to get +60% Attack, then using Renzokuken and Lion Heart to do over 200,000 damage?

Only a noob would even consider a summon spell...

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ------

this is so true... All my friends that say that FFFVIII sucks it's because they say that you need to rely too much on summons... But why is that? Because they never understood the Junction system.

For most rpgs games you just need to equip new weapons and level up the character to make it more powerful but for FFVIII it's different. The higher the level you have on FFVIII the harder the game will be and the only way to bring up your stats is by equipping spells. The more powerful the spell you equip the higher the stats.

Most people don't realize this so they just go with the summon spamming to then say: "But FFVIII is so boring, the summons cut-scenes are too long!".

gerol3321d ago

they just dont get the advantages of the junction system. and summoning GFs are not the best option to win battles

blackpanther253319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

The idea of the junction system was kool though but after a while i stopped caring and just wanted to what happened next because the enemies are always gonna be the same level as you

@gerol: i beat the whole game spamming summons the 1st time i played

grailly3319d ago

the game war great imo, but it had two major issues:
the first was the junction system,it work well to upgrade your characters, but I played through the whole game without using magic because of that.
and it was way to easy, even without using the junction system or summons I got through half of the game.

Am I the only one to use the summons only the first time I get them? I never liked them except for their summoning cinematics.

kenpachi3321d ago

i can still complain its not released in europe