GameTrailers: Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers Review

The game sheds the traditional Final Fantasy mold for something more refreshing, but does the new combat system hold the experience back? Find out with the official GameTrailers Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers review.

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na-no-nai3318d ago

i think the game deserve a higher rating

EvilTwin3318d ago

It got decent ratings across the board:

Story = 8.8
Design = 7.8
Gameplay = 6.4
Presentation = 8.2
Overall = 7.7

The weakest link for GT was combat using IR/pointer controls for telekinesis.

Have you played it, and how would you rank the combat?

PS360WII3317d ago

I'd rate it 11 but I haven't played it yet ;)

Mikhal55693317d ago

The score actually seemed high for the amount of criticism I heard from the narrator.
The game looks to be really solid, but ten hours seems really short. Has anybody else heard this about the game?

tunaks13317d ago

looks awesome, but i expected that the battle system would be its weak point , tossing and throwing can only last so long, im sure i will enjoy the game but they should have added some melee combat.

Overall cant wait for the game!